4 Celebrities and Families who Maintained Fun Easter Traditions Last Year

Last year was a really tough year for all of us. Easter celebration was a little too odd for most families as age-long traditions were broken to maintain social distancing and other guidelines in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. In spite of the challenges, many celebrated Easter in different fun ways.

Like the rest of us, most celebrities had to celebrate Easter in a different way than they normally do. Some tried to maintain some traditions, even as they celebrated at home. Here is a peek at how six celebrities celebrated and the tradition they upheld:

Vanessa and Nick Lachey

It is obvious that the Lachey family knows more than we all do about the Easter Bunny. The mom of the house informed us on Instagram that the Daddy of the house had to play the role of an Easter Bunny. The young parents had to explain to the kids the difference between the big Bunny they saw and the real Easter Bunny.

Dolly Parton

The darling of country music wouldn’t keep quiet about Easter, in spite of the threats of the virus. While she couldn’t host a real concert to commemorate the death and resurrection of “Jesus Christ,” Dolly Parton found time to sing “He’s Alive,” which we believe is enough to get her millions of followers to get into the spirit.

The Ronaldo Family

We know very little about Cristiano Ronaldo’s faith, but he appears to be a fan of Easter celebrations. While he didn’t outdo himself in setting up a special Easter table or anything, he shared a picture of the family eating their Easter and wrote, “We wish a Happy Easter to everyone + some world, heart, and prayer emojis.” He also encouraged followers to stay home.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

While we can’t authoritatively state what Chip and Joanna Gaines were up to, we can assert that the family is always serious about the Easter Bunny. The three little kids tried to catch their own bunnies individually. They ended up with two bunnies and a rock.

Easter is much more than a holiday. In spite of the challenges we had last year, most of us celebrated in our own ways. This year can’t be any different.