4 Movies with Improbable Relationships

We have all at one time or another been swept off our feet by romantic love stories. From the iconic saga, Titanic, to many others, love has been ascribed varying meanings. Amidst these different shades of love we have seen, some defy conventions leading us to see them as unrealistic. 

In case you are looking for movies that have an improbable relationship, this post is for you. Below is a list of movies that has relationships that buck the trend. In no particular order, they include:

Edward Scissorhands

Directed by Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is a movie with a relationship that makes us think on a new level about love. Edward is a synthetic man that has scissors blades for hands. After the inventor kicked the bucket, Edward is taken in by Peg, a lovely Avon lady. Eventually, Edward meets Kim and falls in love with her. Notwithstanding his oddish appearance, Kim was highly enamored to the humanoid until Edward’s inhuman part started to get in the way. 


Premiered in 2003, Reconstruction is a film that follows the relationship movie that defies reasoning. Alex, a photographer, ditches her girlfriend for an unknown and alluring woman, following her into the night. He gets into an affair with the comely woman only to later realize that memories of his past relationship have vanished. Even his house goes missing from his memory. She merely shrugged the mystery off and decided to look forward to seeing what the future holds for him. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim sets out to win a girl’s heart he fell heads over heels for at first sight. But he finds out there is a problem; he has to overcome the girl’s seven ex-possessive and brutish boyfriends before he can be with her. He later has a run-in with one of the exes. It soon turned into a battlefield. Scott must beat all of them before he can have his dream girl. 

Good Dick

Good Dick is a film about a courteous video store clerk that secretly falls in love with a woman he often checks off. He is so enamored to her that he made a few feeble and futile attempts to get her into a conversation. When his plans are clearly failing, he devises a new one.

There you have it! Above are some movies with improbable relationships. If you are a sucker for love, these movies will show you another dimension of what you call love. You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience as you want any of these movies.