5 Highest Paid Instagram Influencers

When Instagram was launched in October 2010, nobody imagined that it would become as big as it is today. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg and team saw what no one else saw when they acquired it for $1 billion in cash and stock. Instagram is not yet 10 years old but has become one of the most notable social media platforms for brand promotions.

It has given rise to what we now know is called influencer marketing, which is a way for businesses to pay people with huge following to promote a product, service, or business. 

Here’s the thing. Some people make a few hundred dollars for each post they make. While others are earning millions each year. 

Wondering who are the highest paid Instagram influencers? We have the updated list below.

Kylie Jenner 

As at October last year, Kylie Jenner had about 147 million Instagram followers. While she uses her platform primarily for promoting her beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics, she also promote other brands for the right price. She charges over a million dollars per post and endorses only luxury fashion and beauty brands. 

Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande is so loved around the world that she commands a staggering 165 Million followers on Instagram. Like all celebrities, she has monetized her wide followership on the platform and charges just under one million dollars for a single promotional post. 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t need any introduction. A well-decorated soccer player, the Portuguese is considered the best of all time by his loyal following. He is also the individual with the highest number of followers on Instagram, with a staggering 185 Million followers. His account is clearly a goldmine for advertisers and he charges just under one million dollars per promotional post.  

Kim Kardashian West 

Kylie Jenner’s big sister and Kanye West’s wife also doesn’t need any introduction. Though a controversial figure, Kim Kardashian commands huge followership on Instagram and has monetized it in different ways. Currently, she uses the platform primarily to promote her cosmetic brand, KKW beauty but will collect $0.91 million to promote other brands. 

Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez is one of the most loved Spanish singers and actress in the 21St century. She also has a huge follower base on Instagram (157M). Selena charges as much as $0.88 million for each promotional content she posts. She endorses mostly fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands.