5 Times Tim Curry Wowed Us with His Film Roles

When you talk about versatile and talented Hollywood actors, the name Tim Curry pops up. He holds a special place in the hearts of many movie lovers across generations. This is not unconnected to the iconic roles he has played throughout his acting career. 

Since his breakthrough role as Dr. Frank N. Furter, in Rocky Horror, he has featured in many other prominent movies. Without further ado, let us make a run for it for the several film roles that Tim Curry wowed us. Check them out below.

Home Alone 2

Acting as the concierge in the 1990 American comedy, Home Alone 2, Tim Curry showed why he is one of the most sought-after talents in the industry. The malicious smile he wears on his face after discovering Kelvin’s stolen credit card is said to be one of the iconic moments of the classic flick.


This comedy murder mystery is one of many movies Curry starred in that made him more popular. His role as Wadsworth was originally supposed to go to Rowan Atkinson, but because he was unpopular among American audiences, Tim was seen as the right man for the job.


A 1985 American dark fantasy adventure movie, one could hardly recognize Tim Curry as he was obscured under the layers of prosthetics playing the Lord of Darkness role. This movie is proof that Tim has the talent to take on any role that comes his way.


Curry’s Pennywise in this supernatural horror film brought people, especially children, to give clowns and drain pipes a wide berth. According to the DVD commentary, Curry’s Pennywise was so scary that he scared the rest of the cast and crew. At some points, he scared himself too.


The last entry on the list, Congo, is a good film that was featured by brilliant actors such as Tim Curry. His role as Herkerma Holkoma is an entertaining one that added some layers of excitement to the movie. One could easily see how Curry enjoys acting watching it.

There you have it! Above are some of the movies that Tim Curry’s display has wowed the viewers. As an actor, it is essential that you give your best in every movie. Surprisingly, Tim Curry has been able to transition seamlessly into every role and deliver excellent acting. This is why he is one of the favorite actors of several individuals across the world.