6 Best Movies about Spring Break

There are several things you can do during Spring Break. Watching some movies is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the vacation period. There are several movies made about spring breaks, and they will be more meaningful when you watch them during this period. Are you finding the best movies for the season? Here are our top picks.

Spring Breakers

Some people have described this as the spring break movie to end all spring break movies. It is actually an excellent movie that follows three friends who start by robbing a restaurant to get enough money for their spring break trip. When they get to Florida, they encounter a drug and arms dealer who is ever-welcoming.

American Pie

More than 20 years after it was made, American Pie remains one of the most loved raunchy high school comedies. It doesn’t matter how many times you have watched it in the past; this can still be a great movie for this spring break.

From Justin to Kelly

Just when Justin and his college pals are heading to Fort Lauderdale for spring break, Kelly is heading in the same direction from Texas, just to get away from her current life. The road is not always tough, so you can expect some goodies here.

Cabin in the Woods

Spring break vacations mostly end on a romantic note when you have your girlfriend and besties, but when you choose a cabin in the wood as your preferred location, you can’t always be sure of a happy-ever-after ending. This film features a young and handsome Chris Hemsworth, long before he became Thor.


This is a Netflix original movie that will appeal most to music lovers. It is also a great movie to watch when you want something that can fuel the ultimate spring break blowout. It follows a DJ who gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the biggest EDM festival in the country.

Ibiza: Love Drunk   

You may not get the opportunity to travel during spring break, but you can watch a thrilling drama in one of the world’s most lovely places – Ibiza. The story focuses on Harper, who is actually in Spain for work but invites some of her friends who turn it into a party and land her in more trouble.

Movie time can make a difference during spring break. The six movies here are among the best ones you can watch for the holiday. Finally, if you are preparing to launch out on a spring break adventure, stay healthy by using supplements from Source Naturals or New Chapter