6 Celebrities Who Practice Yoga Daily

Many people practice yoga daily to attain good health. The practice of yoga is popular among celebrities. However, some of the celebrities that practice yoga may come to you as a surprise. If you are aiming to get inspiration for practicing yoga from celebrities, here is a list of celebrities who practice yoga daily.

Jennifer Aniston

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Anniston got to whip herself into shape for the Wanderlust movie role? It was through yoga. Even for her wedding with Justin Theroux, she practiced yoga in a bid to keep her mental and physical health in check.

David Beckham

David Beckham may not be a professional footballer anymore but he is a big believer in yoga. The 43-year-old former England footballer is a health-conscious person and has been practicing yoga to live a healthy and more relaxed life. Yoga was introduced into his lifestyle by his personal trainer Shona Virtue.

Robert Downey

It is hard to believe that the 65-year-old Hollywood icon still has his youthful look. This is possible, courtesy of daily yoga practice. Practicing yoga has been able to keep Robert Downey young, fresh, and able to take up challenging roles for a man his age.

Reese Witherspoon

The actor, entrepreneur, and mom is a health-conscious individual and incorporates yoga into her daily lifestyle. Reese Witherspoon practices yoga one to three times a week. This is one of her secrets why she has been able to retain her youthful appearance.

Justin Timberlake

You must have wondered at some point how the multitalented Justin Timberlake has been able to stay in top shape amidst his busy schedule. Practicing yoga with his wife, Jessica Biel has proven effective in granting great physical and mental health. The couples are fitness enthusiasts and yoga is one of their means of achieving good health.

Katy Perry

After her divorce from her former husband Russell Brand, Kate Perry started practicing yoga as a means of dealing with her emotions. So far, she has acknowledged that yoga has been life-changing for her. She encourages people to start practicing yoga and lead a healthy lifestyle like her. 
There you have it! Above are some celebrities who practice yoga daily. Performing yoga can help relieve stress, achieve inner peace, and attain good health. In case you will like to start practicing yoga, you can get some inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities. Make sure to add aromatics to your practice to help heighten the experience. This can include using Essential Oils and products from Aubrey Organics and Premier Research Labs. Check them out and see if they provide the the result you are looking for!