6 Fun Celebrity Holiday Traditions

Your favorite celebrities love Christmas as much as you do. While we can’t rule out the possibility of some of them being some sort of Grinch, we know that many love Christmas more than regular folks. They have all sorts of fun holiday traditions they rarely talk about. Are you interested in some of the things your favorite stars do during Christmas? Here are six celebrity holiday traditions for you. 

The Obamas – Dancing for your Gift 

The Obamas are not your everyday celebrities: they are a lot more than that. During their time in the white house, we saw them dance and merry on several occasions. It is not surprising that they take dancing seriously during Christmas. Michele has revealed that everyone has to dance to get their gifts for Christmas. 

Kate Hudson – Ready for Santa 

Kate Hudson and her family seem to be obsessed with Santa. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is surprising that they expect gifts from Santa every year and keep some gifts for Santa too. Imagine gifting Santa rum, root beer, licorice, gluten-free cookies, and almond milk? Now imagine what Santa can give each member of the family for their kindness. 

The Jonas Brothers – Make some Tamales 

Nick Jonas and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, grow up eating tamales on Christmas morning. They still do the same thing every year. How cool is that? I have a feeling Priyanka Chopra also loves tamales. How else could she embrace the family tradition?  

Jessica Alba – Eat Turkey and Sing 

What do you do after eating your Christmas turkey? You must have to sing if you are celebrating Christmas the Jessica Alba’s way. 

Joanna Gaines – Baking 

Joanna will gather the same ingredient every Christmas and bake her beloved cinnamon rolls. It may not be the most interesting tradition, but imagine baking the same thing every Christmas. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like fun to me. 

Olivia Culpo – Eat a Lot of Food 

Have you heard about the Feast of the Seven Fishes? Well, it is an Italian thing that involves preparing seven different kinds of fish or preparing a couple kinds of fish in seven different dishes. Olivia doesn’t stop here; she confessed that they eat a lot more than this. You can start the feast in your PJs.
There you have it! Above are some fun celebrity holiday traditions. Christmas is a great time to connect and have fun with family, friends, and close relatives. You can even make the celebrations more fun with a holiday tradition. The above may give you various ideas to get started.