6 Most Popular Survival Movies

Survival movies are not just entertaining, they are inspiring. Notwithstanding the survival the movie characters are facing, their survival instincts are bound to rub off on viewers. To brush up your survival skills, below is a list of the six most popular survival movies. Note that they are in no particular order. 

The Blue Lagoon

The classic survival skills in this movie have earned it a spot on our list. The plot involves two kids who are stranded alone on an island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Alongside a grumpy and good-natured cook, they learn how to survive on the island.


A man gets trapped in his house during a storm evacuation. His young daughter, worried about his whereabouts, trails his father to the flooded house only to find he’s trapped by giant alligators. Their run-ins with these monsters keep you at the edge of your seat. 

The Revenant

Another popular survival movie you should consider watching is The Revenant. This movie is so amazing that it won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Academy Award for Best Actor, and director Alejandro González Iñárritu his second Oscar after Birdman. The plot tells about a frontiersman who is left for dead in a wilderness. He survives and finds his way out of the wilderness on his own. Not without encountering some horrific challenges.

The Edge

Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins star in this movie plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. They face the challenge of surviving the wild animals amidst the suspicion that one of them slept with the other’s wife. 

Rambo: First Blood

What’s more, our list of survival movies isn’t complete without mentioning Rambo: First Blood. Rambo, a military-trained veteran runs into corrupt law enforcers. He fights his way to break away from their grip. This is one of the best survival movies released in the late 20th century.

Cast Away

This list isn’t complete without including Tom Hanks’ Cast Away. After his plane crashes on an uninhabited island, the Fed Ex employee is left all alone to brave the island’s harsh elements. He makes a friend out of a volleyball and gets the audience to empathize with him. It’s one of the most brilliant survival movies. 

Survival movies are often filled with entertainment and lots of suspense. If you are keen on survival movies, ensure that you want the movies mentioned above. You might even pick up a thing or two about what is needed to survival difficult situations. Also why you should have a survival kit with you at all times, including bandaids, food and water, and supplements from De3, Zahler Prenatal, and Vital Proteins to help fill potential nutritional gaps.

A fantastic experience awaits you! If you are looking for more movies, check out these serial killer movies on Netflix.