6 Movies With Amazing Female Leads

Some of our favorite movies and actors are lead by women. No doubt, these films have already been talked about before. Many of them have seen critical acclaim. But it’s never too late to create our list of 6 movies with amazing female leads.

Wonder Woman

Remember when Cat Woman, featuring Halle Berry, turned out to be a box office bomb? Well, that dissuaded movie studios from taking up heroine movie projects. It turns out Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman bucked the trend and redefined women in the superhero genre, as it was a box office success.


Sigourney Weaver, taking on the role of Ripley, in this 1979 sci-fi horror flick, set a precedent for tough, ass-kicking women. In the film, she manages to survive one of the scariest and deadliest creatures of all time, the Xenomorph.

Rogue One

Starring Felicity Jones as the badass Jyn Erso, this flick is one of the best movies with a female lead. A criminal-turned-rebel, Jyn, leads the rebels to fight the good fight against the Imperial Empire.

Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich, in this video game based movie, did amazing things in helping turn one movie into a long-lasting franchise. While she takes on mutants and big corporations, she goes on to let the world know that women can carry a series of franchise installments.

Edge of Tomorrow

Given that this flick stars Tom Cruise, you will be forgiven that he is the movie’s star. It turns out that Emily Blunt’s badass Sergeant Rita Vrataski is the film’s hero giving women a lot of inspiration to stand tall even when the world around you is collapsing.


After being raised by her father in the woods to become an assassin, she heads into the world and becomes one of the stealthiest and deadliest assassins as she embarks on a vigilante mission. All this was achieved at the young age of 15. This is a movie for women to keep an eye on.

There you have it! Above are some top movies with female leads. If you are yet to watch any of these movies, you should consider doing so. A wonderful experience awaits you as you watch.