6 Strangest David Lynch Projects

David Lynch was described as “the first popular Surrealist” by Pauline Kael, who is one of the best film critics. This is a mild way to describe his roles in some of the best mental mindful movies of our time. To say he has done several strange things is more like an understatement. David Lynch is known for so many weird works.

Do you know some of David Lynch’s projects? Which ones are your favorite? Here, we want to look at the six strangest projects he has done, in our opinion. These may not be your favorite projects, but we feel they are the strangest:

Transcendental Meditation

He may be remembered most for film, music, and art projects, but David Lynch has been a driving force in Meditation movements for decades. He was initiated into a spiritual movement (Transcendental Meditation) in the 70s and has done a lot to advance the course. His “David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education And Peace” was launched in 2005, and he is doing more.

Catching the Big Fish

Many may not know that David Lynch wrote a book on Meditation. Titled Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, And Creativity, the book is based on his notion that ideas are like fish. There is an Audiobook that the author personally read.

Twin Peaks

This was David Lynch’s first foray into the worlds of television, and we feel it is among his strangest projects. Though this project was canceled in the second season, it made a great impression on viewers and will continue to be relevant.

Weather Reporting

This is one of David Lynch’s hobbies that he has turned to something cool to his fans. We still see it strange that the artist who is deeply interested in mind-binding and disturbing visual works will so much love the weather that he will deliver daily reports on his official website.


Lynch has been involved in music for a while now, especially those that relate to his films. Unsurprisingly, he did quite well in experimental rock and ambient soundscapes. We find it strange that he dabbled into electro-pop music and did well too. 


David Lynch shot a teaser video for Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” in 1992. The 40-second long abstract snippet is strange and quite scarce.

There you have it! Above are some of the strangest projects of David Lynch. In case you haven’t watched any, you should endeavor to find time to do that.