6 Thanksgiving-Themed Family Movies

There is more to Thanksgiving than turkey and turkey stuffing. It is a perfect time to be with your family and create lasting memories. There are so many things you can do together as a family besides feasting and normal discussions. Watching movies is one activity that can bring you all together.

In the spirit of the season, it is best to watch movies that are in line with the message of the season. There are several Thanksgiving-themed movies out there, but you have to choose the ones that are perfect for every member of your family. Do you need help picking those movies? Here are six wonderful ones to watch this year:

Pieces of April

This film has been around for about 17 years and remains one of the best family movies for Thanksgiving. Young April decided to invite her mother and estranged family to her tiny NYC apartment for Thanksgiving, and the awkwardness that followed was epic.

National Treasure

Nicolas Cage did a tremendous job here, and your family will have a great time watching him give his all for the mission. When you watch this, you will likely try to watch the sequel, which is also great.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving

This is one of the films your kids will want to watch over and over again during Thanksgiving. Your cat will even want to join in the madness. Here, a grumpy and hungry cat is forced to go on a diet. What’s so wrong with getting healthier? Remember that this is happening during Thanksgiving, the worst time of the year to deny anyone their favorite foods.


This is an interesting movie that will entertain and teach each member of your family some important lessons. It follows a woman who chose to return to a family she abandoned on Thanksgiving Day. The holiday will definitely be tense.

Little Women

Do you want something nice for the girls in your family? Little women is the movie for the season. The March sisters, Meg, Amy, Beth, and Jo, are always ready to entertain you.

The Oat

This is not like every other movie on the list. Imagine the possibility of the government asking everybody to take a loyalty pledge on Black Friday. Imagine the impact it can have on an unusual family.

There you have it! Above are some Thanksgiving-themed family movies to watch this season. From “Pieces of April” to “Krisha,” “National Treasure,” “Little Women” and more, these movies are really interesting. So, this Thanksgiving, enjoy a healthy feast, and have a great, fun-filled experience as you watch your movies.