7 Surprising Guitar Solos in Popular Movies

Movies are without a doubt a very wonderful source of entertainment and rock star movies take this to the next level. A staple of a rockstar movie is the guitar solo. It’s not a rockstar movie if there isn’t a passionate guitar solo that ends with the characters sliding across the floor on their knees. If that sounds great to you, here are 7 surprising and awesome guitar solos in popular movies.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is not the first movie that comes to your mind when you think of guitar solos. But it should. Scott is a young musician who falls in love with Ramona. The problem? She has seven evil exes he has to defeat in a band competition to win a record deal he desperately wants. Filled with feel-good moments, lots of laughs, and of course, romance, it’s not hard to see why the movie has a cult following.

There are several guitar solos in this movie. You have one from Ramona and there’s also an awesome one where Scott battles with Ramona’s band. If you’re a fan of bass players, you’ll love these solos.

Back To The Future (1985) 

It’s not a credible list if Marty McFly’s solo isn’t in it. Back to the Future is an awesome movie that follows Marty, who travels back in time to 1955. To ensure he still exists in the future, he has to make sure his parents who are in high school fall in love and end up together. Marty’s solo of Johnny B Goode features one of the most iconic vintage guitars: The red Gibson ES-345.

This is Spinal Tap (1984) 

Spinal is a British heavy metal band. While this is not an actual movie, Nigel Tufnel’s guitar solos are too good to pass up. If you want to see an actual rockstar at work, this documentary by Rob Reiner is a must-watch. 

School of Rock (2003) 

In School of Rock, Jack Black plays a rock enthusiast turned teacher. When he takes up a substitute teaching job, he trains the students to form a band. It’s full of laughs, drama, and of course, some good rock and roll.

Sing (2016) 

Sing is an awesome animated musical with a fun plot and a star-studded soundtrack. With appearances from Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder, SING is a movie you have to watch at least once. This is probably not a movie you’ll think about when discussing rock and roll, however, Scarlett Johansson’s character, Ash, a porcupine with a lot of grit delivers her performance of Set it All Free, and let’s not forget the amazing guitar solo. The movie also features a PG version of Nicki Minaj’s song, Anaconda.

Desperado (1995) 

A jaded musician out for revenge. A vintage guitar case filled with guns. Tales of heartbreak and the death of a passion. Desperado tells this tale through El Mariachi. If you like your music mixed with action and drama then this is the movie for you. El Mariachi renders a soul-bearing acoustic piece “Los Lobos’ Morena de Mi Corazon” then he shows them who’s boss.

Purple Rain (1984) 

Purple Rain tells the story of The Kid, a musician who is talented but plagued with troubles. Prince plays The Kid in this classic movie. Prince is hands down one of the most talented musicians and performers to ever grace a stage. His voice, moves, and style set him apart from the rest.

Purple rain, which is the name of the movie and a song he performed, contains one of the most iconic guitar solos ever. He performed Purple Rain with Wendy Ann Melvolin in 1984 and the rest of the world has been trying to recreate their magic ever since.

That’s my list! What great guitar solos did I miss? Let me know!