Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

With over 800,000 podcasts available, finding the right one to listen to will be a daunting task. No matter which niche you are into, be it sports, entertainment, etc., there are probably tons of podcasts about it.

What’s more, listening to podcast can be a good way for you to learn. Whether during your free time, while going to work, or as a hobby, you can simply play a podcast while on the go. To make figuring out the best podcasts to listen to in 2020, we have compiled a list of some of the best podcasts currently around.

In the Dark

In the Dark is an investigative true-crime podcast by journalist Madeleine Baran. Millions of listeners tuned in to the first season as she reports on the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling. This Peabody Award-winning podcast is endearing for those that love deep insight into sketchy court cases.

Dolly Parton’s America

Mostly popular amongst the American singer’s cult followers. If you are not Dolly’s follower, giving this podcast a listen will make you see reasons why Dolly is so adored.

Things That Scare Me

Just as the name suggests, this podcast examines people’s fears, from small to big fears. Fears like being haunted by the past to depression, and so much more inbetween. At the end of the day, listeners are made to understand they are not the only one with fears.

Motherhood Sessions

If you are mom, grandma or about to be a mom, this podcast lets you more in on what they are about. Hosted by accomplished reproductive psychiatrist Alexandra Sacks, she sits down with mothers to discuss illuminating topics about motherhood. 

Off the Gram

Hosted by Good Housekeeping executive editor Meaghan Murphy and her three co-hosts Heidi, Christine, and Jamie, Off the Gram guides young women into coming out of their shell, bucking the trend, and living their lives to the fullest amidst the ever-changing landscape of social media.

The Murder Squad

Listen to this podcast to ride shotgun with Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and investigative journalist Billy Jensen as they investigate Murder cases in real-time. They make it an immersive experience as they allow listeners to make contributions in unraveling cold crime cases. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best podcasts that you can listen to in 2020. By listening to podcast, you can get business and career advice from the most successful people.