Books Written by Celebrities You Should Read in 2020

Most celebrities have good penmanship just as they have acting talent. Some of these celebrity books have memoir elements that take you back to their formative years and give you a look behind the scenes. Here we will look at the books written by celebrities that you should read this year. 

Me By Elton John

This is an autobiography written by Elton John. A lot of information in this book was used in the “Rocketman” film. In the book, Elton John talks about a boy who dreams of becoming a pop star and the hurdles we came across. 

Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance By Barack Obama

The 44th president of the United States of America in this book talks about the events that helped shape his identity. He authored this book long before he became president. Readers are taken through an emotional ride to his ancestral roots, including he met with his paternal Kenyan family. 

Becoming By Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama talks about what it feels to be the wife of the most powerful man in the world, how she made sure her daughters lived a normal life in the White House, the educational achievements she made, and how she met the man who would go on to become the 44th president if the United States of America. It also doubles as a book that empowers women to chart a course for themselves in life.

Not My Father’s Son By Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming had a complicated relationship with his father. He lets readers in on the abuse and mistreatments he suffered by his father’s hands and how he managed to escape them. He also talked about how he fell in love with acting and his sexuality. 

How To Be Champion By Sarah Millican

Just as the title suggests, this book from Sarah Millican gives a candid account of her rise to fame. This is the opposite of her stage persona, which is hilarious. It gives a serious account of all the path she took to find herself in comedy.

There you have it! Above are some interesting books written by celebrities that you should consider reading in 2020. Most celebrities often share their story through their books. Reading this book will open you up into their world. You will definitely learn a lot from reading any of the books mentioned above. A fantastic experience awaits you as you read!