Instagram Accounts That Share Good News

With the ongoing pandemic virus, it is a very difficult time for everyone. Many people are looking for a ray of hope. There are many Instagram accounts where you can get your positivity fix. These accounts are focused on sharing good news to help people feel better about themselves and their day. Below is a list of Instagram accounts that share good news you should follow today.


The Good News Movement was created when the owner was stuck at home with the flu. This necessitated him to build the platform through which he will share the good news to the world. It is a nice place to go and feel good.


Upworthy shares positive news that often features personal accounts of human kindness. Whether it is a humanitarian helping a community or a mother finding out the importance of teachers after failing to homeschool their children, you will find news that will rejuvenate you here.


You may think that it is not possible working from home until you visit this platform where you will encounter pictures of pups working hard at their personal computers. These images are there to get you motivated regarding taking up on remote working.


It does not get happier anywhere than on The Happy Newspaper. On this Instagram account, uplifting stories from around the world are shared with an audience to keep them strong and motivated. This is done throughout the year and their insta feed is just the same.


We all know how daily inspirational quotes are crucial to keeping us going in life. In a move to gather motivational quotes in one place and them make them readily accessible, Adams created the @adamjk Instagram account. His account is replete with motivational quotes that remind you of how great you are doing in life.


Mr. Pokee Instagram account is there to keep your quills up. Featuring a super cute hedgehog it is difficult to visit and leave this Instagram account without a smile on your face. It is a wonderful place to be during your down moments.

There you have it! Above are some of the popular Instagram accounts that share good news. As we get through these unprecedented times, good news may be all we need to keep going. We have to stay strong and be optimistic. The accounts mentioned above are the right destination for good news on Instagram.

6 Movies With Amazing Female Leads

Some of our favorite movies and actors are lead by women. No doubt, these films have already been talked about before. Many of them have seen critical acclaim. But it’s never too late to create our list of 6 movies with amazing female leads.

Wonder Woman

Remember when Cat Woman, featuring Halle Berry, turned out to be a box office bomb? Well, that dissuaded movie studios from taking up heroine movie projects. It turns out Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman bucked the trend and redefined women in the superhero genre, as it was a box office success.


Sigourney Weaver, taking on the role of Ripley, in this 1979 sci-fi horror flick, set a precedent for tough, ass-kicking women. In the film, she manages to survive one of the scariest and deadliest creatures of all time, the Xenomorph.

Rogue One

Starring Felicity Jones as the badass Jyn Erso, this flick is one of the best movies with a female lead. A criminal-turned-rebel, Jyn, leads the rebels to fight the good fight against the Imperial Empire.

Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich, in this video game based movie, did amazing things in helping turn one movie into a long-lasting franchise. While she takes on mutants and big corporations, she goes on to let the world know that women can carry a series of franchise installments.

Edge of Tomorrow

Given that this flick stars Tom Cruise, you will be forgiven that he is the movie’s star. It turns out that Emily Blunt’s badass Sergeant Rita Vrataski is the film’s hero giving women a lot of inspiration to stand tall even when the world around you is collapsing.


After being raised by her father in the woods to become an assassin, she heads into the world and becomes one of the stealthiest and deadliest assassins as she embarks on a vigilante mission. All this was achieved at the young age of 15. This is a movie for women to keep an eye on.

There you have it! Above are some top movies with female leads. If you are yet to watch any of these movies, you should consider doing so. A wonderful experience awaits you as you watch. 

6 Most Popular Survival Movies

Survival movies are not just entertaining, they are inspiring. Notwithstanding the survival the movie characters are facing, their survival instincts are bound to rub off on viewers. To brush up your survival skills, below is a list of the six most popular survival movies. Note that they are in no particular order. 

The Blue Lagoon

The classic survival skills in this movie have earned it a spot on our list. The plot involves two kids who are stranded alone on an island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Alongside a grumpy and good-natured cook, they learn how to survive on the island.


A man gets trapped in his house during a storm evacuation. His young daughter, worried about his whereabouts, trails his father to the flooded house only to find he’s trapped by giant alligators. Their run-ins with these monsters keep you at the edge of your seat. 

The Revenant

Another popular survival movie you should consider watching is The Revenant. This movie is so amazing that it won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Academy Award for Best Actor, and director Alejandro González Iñárritu his second Oscar after Birdman. The plot tells about a frontiersman who is left for dead in a wilderness. He survives and finds his way out of the wilderness on his own. Not without encountering some horrific challenges.

The Edge

Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins star in this movie plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. They face the challenge of surviving the wild animals amidst the suspicion that one of them slept with the other’s wife. 

Rambo: First Blood

What’s more, our list of survival movies isn’t complete without mentioning Rambo: First Blood. Rambo, a military-trained veteran runs into corrupt law enforcers. He fights his way to break away from their grip. This is one of the best survival movies released in the late 20th century.

Cast Away

This list isn’t complete without including Tom Hanks’ Cast Away. After his plane crashes on an uninhabited island, the Fed Ex employee is left all alone to brave the island’s harsh elements. He makes a friend out of a volleyball and gets the audience to empathize with him. It’s one of the most brilliant survival movies. 

Survival movies are often filled with entertainment and lots of suspense. If you are keen on survival movies, ensure that you want the movies mentioned above. You might even pick up a thing or two about what is needed to survival difficult situations. Also why you should have a survival kit with you at all times, including bandaids, food and water, and supplements from De3, Zahler Prenatal, and Vital Proteins to help fill potential nutritional gaps.

A fantastic experience awaits you! If you are looking for more movies, check out these serial killer movies on Netflix.

6 Betty White Roles That Are Essential Viewing

Betty White is one of the most successful and iconic actors around. Her career kicked off in 1945 when she starred in a short film titled Time to Kill. While everyone has their favorites, below is our list of her six roles that are worth viewing.

Ann Douglas – The Bold And The Beautiful (2006 – 2009)

Betty White, just like many other iconic actors, starred in the amazing and successful soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Her character Ann Douglas was a brilliant one and put a breathe life into the show.

Shirley Wallace – Maybe This Time (1995 – 1996)

The short-lived sitcom, Maybe this Time, may have been forgotten by many. However, the few that still have it in their memory must have been because of Betty White’s character, who was captivating. The show was canceled after one season by ABC.

Beth Mayer – Bones (2015 – 2017)

Though she sparsely starred in the TV show, Bones, she managed to make her character, Beth Mayer, a memorable character among her fans and viewers.

Catherine Piper – Boston Legal (2005 – 2008)

Aired from 2004 to 2008, Boston Legal is one of the most successful TV shows of all time. Well-loved, charismatic, and popular actors such as Betty White earned the show lots of awards, including an Emmy for William Shatner. She appeared in sixteen episodes and played her roles to perfection.

Elka Ostrovsky – Hot In Cleveland (2010 – 2015)

Though she wasn’t the main character in Hot in Cleveland, she was one of the amazing people to star in it. Betty succeeded in breathing life with her comic acts into what looked like a dull show.

Rose Nylund – The Golden Girls (1985 – 1992)

Aired for seven years, The Golden Girls is one of the most successful TV shows in history. This is courtesy of amazing stars such as Betty White. Belonging to the classy Golden Girls gang, she showed why she is one of the most iconic actors.

Betty White remains an iconic actor who is well-known throughout the movie industry and by fans worldwide. In case you haven’t seen some of her best movies, you should consider watching the ones suggested above. Don’t miss the most memorable Fred Willard and Tim Curry roles, either!

Best Serial Killer Movies on Netflix

Do you enjoy watching serial killer movies? Serial killer flicks are interesting, and Netflix has capitalized on this to grow its subscriber count. They have some of the best serial killer movies that even people who aren’t huge fans will still enjoy.

You have probably scrolled through Netflix late in the night wondering which serial killer movies to watch. Finding solid serial killer movies can prove to be a challenge, and that’s why we have listed the best serial killer movies you can find on Netflix. 

Would You Rather

Are you looking for serial killer movies that closely resembles SAW? Would You Rather should do it for you. Would You Rather is a movie that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. It is a flick that will leave you wondering what its end holds. The nightmarish and pulsating scenes all make this movie a good watch.

I Am A Killer

This Netflix movie tells about a death row inmate convicted of murder and sheds light on what led him and his cohorts to commit their crime. Unlike other serial killer movies, it does not set out to find the guilty party. The guilty party is known already. Instead, it focuses on what motivates people to commit their crimes. 

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Two scientists, Sonja Farak and Annie Dookhan, tampered with evidence while working at different drug testing labs in Massachusetts. Due to this, over 47,000 court rulings were overturned. This is a crime movie that you will want to watch. 

Righteous Kill

Al Pacino teams up with Robert De Niro to deliver one of the most amazing crime acts in almost any thriller. This movie tells the story of a serial killer who leaves behind poetry after murdering his victims. Al Pacino and Robert are tasked with apprehending the culprit. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best serial killer movies on Netflix. Serial killer movies are often intriguing and filled with a lot of suspense. Netflix has several serial killer movies for its subscribers. The above movies are some of the best serial killer movies the streaming service has to offer. You can stay up late at night and watch any of them. An amazing experience awaits you as you enjoy any of these serial killer movies. 

When you are done with these, check out these boxing movies!

Books Written by Celebrities You Should Read in 2020

Most celebrities have good penmanship just as they have acting talent. Some of these celebrity books have memoir elements that take you back to their formative years and give you a look behind the scenes. Here we will look at the books written by celebrities that you should read this year. 

Me By Elton John

This is an autobiography written by Elton John. A lot of information in this book was used in the “Rocketman” film. In the book, Elton John talks about a boy who dreams of becoming a pop star and the hurdles we came across. 

Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance By Barack Obama

The 44th president of the United States of America in this book talks about the events that helped shape his identity. He authored this book long before he became president. Readers are taken through an emotional ride to his ancestral roots, including he met with his paternal Kenyan family. 

Becoming By Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama talks about what it feels to be the wife of the most powerful man in the world, how she made sure her daughters lived a normal life in the White House, the educational achievements she made, and how she met the man who would go on to become the 44th president if the United States of America. It also doubles as a book that empowers women to chart a course for themselves in life.

Not My Father’s Son By Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming had a complicated relationship with his father. He lets readers in on the abuse and mistreatments he suffered by his father’s hands and how he managed to escape them. He also talked about how he fell in love with acting and his sexuality. 

How To Be Champion By Sarah Millican

Just as the title suggests, this book from Sarah Millican gives a candid account of her rise to fame. This is the opposite of her stage persona, which is hilarious. It gives a serious account of all the path she took to find herself in comedy.

There you have it! Above are some interesting books written by celebrities that you should consider reading in 2020. Most celebrities often share their story through their books. Reading this book will open you up into their world. You will definitely learn a lot from reading any of the books mentioned above. A fantastic experience awaits you as you read!

5 Best Movies about Boxing

Boxing movies are a genre that works so well with moviegoers. The action, drama, and fights in the ring make the genre interesting. From the classic Rocky to many others, we have listed the all-time best movies about boxing you should consider watching today.

Million Dollar Baby

Spearheaded by Clint Eastwood, the Million Dollar Baby is a movie that racked up four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The movie tells about an amateur female boxer who finds herself under the tutelage of Clint. The movie shows their budding friendship, loyalty, and how losses can be handled. It is one of the best boxing movies. 


This film is another boxing movie that has gained positive criticism, although it tanked at the box office. It tells about the life of Mohammed Ali, the all-time greatest boxing champion. Will Smith portrays Ali under the name Cassius Clay and saw him nominated for his performance. The movie touches on Ali’s advocating for Islam, his objection to the Vietnam War, and complicated relationships with popular figures like Malcolm X. The movie was so good that the real-life Ali was impressed by Will Smith’s portrayal. 

Body And Soul (1947)

Body and Soul is about a boxer whose passion for boxing and hunger for success is undermined by a group of corrupt and greedy rich men. This movie reflects on how criminal influence tainted boxing in the 1940s. The movie was also popular due to its creative visuals that so far have stood the test of time. 

Cinderella Man

Although Cinderella Man was a box office bomb, it is still a great movie. Directed by Ron Howard, the movie is based on the true story of Irish boxer James Braddock. It tells about a man who represented poverty-stricken Americans during the depression era.

Rocky IV

Rocky IV, a fourth installation in the Rocky franchise, is about a humble and talented boxer Rocky Balboa who takes on Soviet Union top boxer, Ivan Drago. It is one of the best pieces of work done by Sylvester Stallone in the Franchise. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best movies about boxing. Boxing movies are really interesting. Some explore the sport of boxing more than others, but these movies can be a gateway for aspiring boxers and what it takes to succeed, from training, to sparing, and the physical and mental demands of the sport. More than that, it is about lifestyle, commitment, and being smart with what you eat and the supplements you take, like those from Vital Proteins or Megafood that may help you to succeed on a competitive level. 

These movies are a great way to tell the story of some of the great boxers who have graced the sport. Through the movie, you can also learn about their triumph and what they went through to become the best in their sport. 

5 Most Memorable Fred Willard Movie Roles

The legendary Fred Willard, before he passed away, was one of the most remarkably talented Hollywood actors. Willard’s career was a huge one, thanks to several amazing roles that defined him as an actor and an all-around good human being. Since 1966, the witty Ohio actor earned an unbelievable 313 screen credits. Without much ado, let’s look at the most memorable Fred Willard roles. Note that the list is in no particular order.

A Mighty Wind

In this 2003 film, Willard shows what a brilliant and hilarious actor he was. The catchphrases, callback, all tied to the plot is amazing. Endlessly, he reeled out ideas upon ideas.


Roxanne (the 1987 film not the show) is a comedy where a long-nosed poet woos a beautiful woman with his wit and affable words. Willard plays Mayor Deebs, who lent support to the other characters. The movie is lighthearted and one of those that shone the spotlight on Fred.

I Think You Should Leave

Featuring in this movie that is packed with fascinating characters, Willard replaces the organist New Joe playing the musical instrument with so much happiness. He speaks through his music and offers viewers so much to admire and enjoy. This movie’s role is truly one of his best.

Modern Family

Willard playing Phil Dunphy brought a positive attitude to the movie’s story. Introduced to add regular quips and jokes, he played it to perfection. His final appearance on the show earlier on this was poignant.

Fernwood 2 Night

This movie highlights the reason why Fred is seen as a hilarious and talented actor. This movie shows that he knows how to be funny and knows when to leave you in suspense before he let off the gas. Fred will mostly be remembered for his role in this movie. 

There you have it! Above are some of the most memorable movie roles played by Fred Willard. He joins the ranks of other great actors, such as Tim Curry, who wowed us throughout his career. During Fred’s acting days, he was a highly prolific and talented actor. These movies listed above are some of the movies he featured before he passed away in early 2020. His memory shall forever remain with his fans seeing any of these movies where proved what an actor he was. If you are a fan of the legendary actor, you should consider watching any of the movies mentioned above. You will have an amazing experience as you watch.

Hollywood Trainers to Follow Online in 2020

To get toned, you need to workout. To workout, you may need motivation. There are many trainers that you can find online who may be able to help. Many of these trainers are world-class, reaching a level of perfection to the point of being hired by celebrities who need to get fit for overall health or to look good for film and television.

These celebrities are certified and very knowledgeable about the most effective and efficient way to get fit. You can follow them online to gain inspiration for staying fit or to kickstart a fitness career of your own.

In case you have been searching endlessly for Hollywood trainers to follow online this year, this post is for you. In no particular order, here are the top Hollywood trainers to follow online in 2020.

Ross Dickerson

Born in Texas, Dickerson boasts 1.4m followers on Instagram. This can only prove that he is one of the Hollywood trainers who knows his onions. Before he moved to the U.S., he was unsure of what he wanted out of life. Not long after, he started working out at the gym and has been going strong since then. Follow him @dickersonross.

Mary Helen Bowers

Mary is a well-known trainer who has worked with Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge, and the Academy Award-winning Natalie Portman. Being a former New York City ballet dancer, her workouts are ballet-inspired. Her style of body training is now in the mainstream with her Ballet Beautiful Program. Follow her @balletbeautiful to get inspired to training a fun way.

Mark Langowski

Do you want to get a ripped body that is always camera-ready? Hop on to Mark’s Instagram account @bodybymarkwellness to get ideas on how to work out for body fitness. He once helped a Good Morning America weather anchor to get into shape. His workout routines are quite intense and demanding.

For intense and demanding workouts, make sure that you give your body the energy that it needs with formulas that work at the metabolic level to help you to achieve your goals. Thorne Research, Metagenics, and Integrative Therapeutics all work to provide support for these goals.

Danny Musico

With clients like Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Swank, the two-time world boxing champion is one of the sought-after trainers by Hollywood celebrities. Follow @dannymusico to work your way into a hot and sizzling body. He is one of the trainers that know their craft too well.

Ashley Borden

Ashley is a body trainer whose expertness in the training world has earned her clients like Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera, and Kesha. Looking at her Instagram account @ashleybordenfitness, you will find pictures of her workout and how they can help you to get a sexy and arresting physique.

There you have it! Above are some Hollywood trainers to follow online this year. Trainers make it easier for individuals to tone up. You can learn from them and practice what they teach. If you will like to get in shape, you should consider following any of the Hollywood trainers mentioned above.

6 Movies Mainly Men Should See

Movies come with entertaining and memorable scenes that influence our lives in one way or the other. As a man, there are certain flicks that you would want to watch. Below is a list that every man should see. The theme of each movie is categorically related to men.

The Road

Learning how to show love to a child as a man? The Road, created by Cormac McCarthy, is what you need to see. The movie tells the story of a man who guides his son through a post-apocalyptic world. They work together to overcome many challenges.

Leon: The Professional

If you met a hitman, do you think he would have a soft heart? Jean Reno is a vicious hitman who takes on a role that is unexpected. A girl, Matilda, who lives in the same building as Reno, comes home to find her family has been murdered and seeks Reno’s protection, who helps train her to get revenge.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean Eleven before its sequels – 12 and 13 – is one of many movies that is partly tailored for the male audience. Danny Ocean gets out of jail and dreams of making it big. He recruits a few hands to help him realize his ambition. Men are going to watch this and want to score big.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

One of the best action movies of the 20th century and beyond, there are so many reasons why you should see Terminator. Action-packed and loads of badass moves are all part of the reason to see this one.

Fight Club

Testosterone-flooded, Fight Club is a movie all about masculinity. Expect lots of fights by men who are working out their issues in a primal way. Do you need to fight to make a statement about your masculinity? No, but the efforts the men make showing how brave they are makes this movie interesting to watch.

The Godfather

The list is not complete without this classic. One of the best movies ever made, the movie teaches a man how to gain loyalty from close ones and his duty to protect his family. Just as Don Corleone says, “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

Here we are! These are movies that men should see. These movies are exciting. They are filled with lots of action, combat, suspense, and intrigue. You are going to have a fantastic experience as you watch any of these action movies mentioned above.