Celebrities Who Have Crushes on Other Celebrities

Most of us erroneously assume that the life of a celebrity is all glitz and glamour. While there are certainly so many things to envy about the luxurious lives of most celebrities, there are challenges they face that are not enviable. Imagine having a crush on someone else and not being able to express how you feel for a long time. Most celebrities have been in such dilemmas. Are you ready for some gossip? Here are some celebrities who have crushes on other celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence and Larry David 

From what we know, it seems Jennifer Lawrence’s list of celebrity crushes is quite long. Her feelings for Larry David, the creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” run deep. Way back in 2014, she admitted that she has been in love with David and has even slipped him her number. 

Josh Hutcherson and Emma Watson 

Josh Hutcherson is another celebrity that has longed for the heart of another before speaking out. He even confessed that he had even lobbied his management to set up a meeting with Emma Watson, but a long time later, they still haven’t met. He is still hopeful. 

Adam Rippon and Shawn Mendes 

Adam Rippon once confessed to Ellen Degeneres that he was sleeping with Shawn Mendes. He was clearly surprised at her own confession and quickly excused himself by saying love is a funny thing. They did meet afterward, and Mendes felt they had some kind of connection. 

Ariana Grande and Jim Carey 

Ariana Grande may be everyone’s sweetheart, but she once had her eyes only on Jim Carey. She once described the comedian as her childhood and lifelong crush. She also confessed to crying the first time she met him. 

Drake and Nicki Minaj 

Drake has a thing for public declarations of love, and it is not surprising that he spoke boldly about his feeling for Nicki. We understand that it took a lot of self-control for Drizzy to keep things at the platonic level when they were both under the Young Money record label. 

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans 

Like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez is one of those celebrities we all love so dearly. She is also the type that doesn’t hold back her feelings. She confessed her love for Chris Evans years ago, describing him as very cute.