Illuminated Movie: What We Know About the Illuminati

Illuminated is a 2019 movie that bares the details of one of the most controversial and secret groups in human history, the Illuminati. It is an expose told by Johnny Royal. During the run of the movie, there was some information passed along that we will discuss here.

The movie guides the audience into the secrets of the famed covert society of the Illuminati. The story purports to reveal the true origins of the group. This is done through the examination of ancient hand-written documents. Here are some of the things we should know about the Illuminati in Hollywood. 

Many of the Members Were Christians

One would have expected the bulk of the Illuminati to be comprised of atheists, but that is not so. In the Illuminated movie, it was shown that members were required to be Christians.

“Well, one of them was that they required that the majority of their members be Christians and when I started digging in through their documents – I was lucky enough to be in Bavaria looking at original handwritten documents by [Adam] Weishaupt and [Adolph] Knigge, and their scribes. They required their members – most of them – to be Christians. I was expecting to find some nefarious activity or some magical goats or something like that – also, the aspect that they successfully did infiltrate Freemasonry. And, they did that because they needed their money, and they needed a membership base.” John told Film Inquiry.

Illuminati Started as a Secret Book Club

The Illuminati was once a secret book club where bright minds converged together to deliberate on enlightening philosophical topics. Weishaupt, regarded as the father of Illuminati, taught it. They had a private library that contained over 4,200 volumes of books.

“What the Illuminati started as is different than what it ended up as. So it started basically like a secret book club taught by Weishaupt, and the reason why is that during this time in Bavaria the Catholic Church held a very strict ban on Enlightenment Era thinking”

There you have it! The above is a brief look into the movie “Illuminated,” and what it says about the secret group, Illuminati. In case you will like to know more, watch the movie to find out more.

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