Instagram Accounts That Share Good News

With the ongoing pandemic virus, it is a very difficult time for everyone. Many people are looking for a ray of hope. There are many Instagram accounts where you can get your positivity fix. These accounts are focused on sharing good news to help people feel better about themselves and their day. Below is a list of Instagram accounts that share good news you should follow today.


The Good News Movement was created when the owner was stuck at home with the flu. This necessitated him to build the platform through which he will share the good news to the world. It is a nice place to go and feel good.


Upworthy shares positive news that often features personal accounts of human kindness. Whether it is a humanitarian helping a community or a mother finding out the importance of teachers after failing to homeschool their children, you will find news that will rejuvenate you here.


You may think that it is not possible working from home until you visit this platform where you will encounter pictures of pups working hard at their personal computers. These images are there to get you motivated regarding taking up on remote working.


It does not get happier anywhere than on The Happy Newspaper. On this Instagram account, uplifting stories from around the world are shared with an audience to keep them strong and motivated. This is done throughout the year and their insta feed is just the same.


We all know how daily inspirational quotes are crucial to keeping us going in life. In a move to gather motivational quotes in one place and them make them readily accessible, Adams created the @adamjk Instagram account. His account is replete with motivational quotes that remind you of how great you are doing in life.


Mr. Pokee Instagram account is there to keep your quills up. Featuring a super cute hedgehog it is difficult to visit and leave this Instagram account without a smile on your face. It is a wonderful place to be during your down moments.

There you have it! Above are some of the popular Instagram accounts that share good news. As we get through these unprecedented times, good news may be all we need to keep going. We have to stay strong and be optimistic. The accounts mentioned above are the right destination for good news on Instagram.