Famous Buddhist Celebrity Worshippers and How Can I Join?

Just like every other religion, Buddhism has found its place amongst celebrities. Buddhism is now practiced by people in the music and movie industry, the arts, sports, and more. 

We could not believe the celebrities that are now practicing this religion. Buddhism is a beautiful lifestyle, and celebrities have come to realize this. Our jaws dropped when we did some digging.

As we have thought that it is not only us that should see this, we have created a list of famous Buddhist celebrity worshippers for you to see.

  • Sharon Stone – American actress, former fashion model, and movie producer
  • Jennifer Aniston – American actress and director
  • Brad Pitt – American actor
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook founder and CEO
  • Orlando Bloom – English actor
  • Leonard Cohen – Canadian singer, songwriter, and poet
  • George Dvorsky – futurist and transhumanist
  • Patrick Duffy – actor
  • Boy George – British singer/songwriter
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – Nigerian-English actor
  • Mario Balotelli – professional soccer player
  • Jet Li – actor
  • Goldie Hawn – actress
  • Jackie Chan – actor
  • Tina Turner – American singer/songwriter
  • Marcia Wallace – American actress
  • Tisca Chopra – Indian actress
  • Angeline Jolie – American actress
  • Keanu Reeves – American actor
  • Alanis Morissette – Canadian singer/songwriter
  • Steven Seagal – American actor
  • Philip Glass – composer
  • Bill Clinton – former U.S president
  • Oliver Stone – film director
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – actress and producer
  • Herbie Hancock – musician
  • Penelope Cruz – Spanish actress, fashion model
  • Patrick Duffy – actor
  • Allen Ginsberg – poet
  • Naima Mora – fashion model
  • K.D. Lang – Canadian singer
  • Russell Simmons – fashion and entertainment mogul
  • Combat Jack – hip hop music attorney and executive
  • David Bowie – musician, actor, writer
  • Roberto Baggio – professional soccer player for Italy
  • Miranda Kerr – Australian supermodel

How Can I Join Buddhism?

The easiest way to join is to find a Buddhist center where you will be introduced to Buddhism and meditation. Familiarize yourself with the Buddhist teachings and find a spiritual mentor who will guide you. Make up your mind to give up worldly possessions and embrace the law of karma in creating the life that you want.

There you have it! Above are some famous Buddhist celebrity worshippers and their professions. You can always search for more information about each individual to discover more about their love for Buddhism. In case you would like to join or know more about the religion of Buddhism, consider visiting the Buddhist center close to you.

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