Most Popular Places in the World to Film TV and Movies

Many of the modern movies we watch are filmed in studios. Different technologies have made it possible for people to shoot movies indoors and edit them to look as if they were made in some special place on earth or even outside our planet. In spite of this, there are some spectacular places in the world where filmmakers still go.

The most popular places to film TV and movies are scattered in different parts of the world. To make it easier for you to understand and relate to these places, we will list some of the popular films shot in these places, as well as the names of the locations.

There you have it! Above are some of the most popular places in the world to film movies and TV shows. These locations offer an enabling environment to shoot some of our favorite movies and TV shows. Some of them grant tours to the general public. An amazing experience awaits you as you visit any of these locations.

Best Films about Music

The creative industry is closely knitted in a manner that allows media to overlap seamlessly. Music and movies, for instance, always overlap as there is hardly any movie that is made without music. Music is also accompanied by videos that tell interesting stories most times.

In addition to regular overlaps, there are instances where films are made to focus on music. Many of us love such movies and will watch them over and over again. Here, we are going to briefly talk about some of the best films about music we have seen.

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

This film is all about The Beatles. It is recognized widely as the original as well as the best Beatles film.

Almost Famous (2000)

This film follows an inspiring music pundit, William Miller, and his tour with a fictitious band. The film has been described as a semi-autobiographical drama that details the stint of a teenage journalist with Rolling Stone.

Blues Brothers (1980)

This is a film that follows a fantastic duo that is on a mission to save an orphanage from foreclosure.

High Fidelity (2000)

This is purely about music and the love of music. It is an incredible film that is based on Nick Hornsby’s best-selling novel, High Fidelity.

Little Voice (1998)

This is a film that focuses on finding identity through music. It details the struggles of trying to reach a tall height.

School of Rock (2003)

What happens when a musician is kicked out of his band and ends up as a substitute teacher? The story is interesting and makes a remarkable film.

The Wrecking Crew (2008)

This is arguably one of the best films about making pop music. It follows the struggles of a group of LA session musicians trying to get the credit they deserve.

The Young Ones (1961)

How can young people stop a theater from being demolished? They can put on a show there and see how it goes. That is exactly what a group of teenagers, led by Cliff Richard, did in this film.

Whiplash (2014)

Even when a musician is so talented, he/she will have to make sacrifices in order to get to achieve greatness. A music student eventually learned that in this film.

There you have it! Above are some of the best movies about music. Watching a movie that overlaps with music is a really amazing experience. You can watch any of the movies above to enjoy how music is used in movies seamlessly.

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Most Memorable Sean Connery Roles

Sean Connery was the first actor to play James Bond, and he did that to perfection on seven different occasions. The Scottish actor performed excellently in many other roles. His ardent fans know that he is so much more than James Bond, but not everyone has that knowledge.

Sean Connery passed away in his sleep at the age of 90. To celebrate him, we will discuss some of his most memorable roles.

Sir August de Wynter – The Avengers

It is important to state that this film is unrelated to the Marvel film franchise of the same name. Here, two British agents had to team up to stop Wynter from destroying the world with a weather changing machine. 

Allan Quatermain – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Connery’s character, Allan Quatermain, had to lead a team of literary characters on a secret mission in an alternate Victorian Age world. This was his last onscreen appearance and is quite memorable.

Daniel Dravot – The Man Who Would Be King

Here, his character is seen as a god by his subjects. His interpretation of the role set a powerful landmark in his career path.

Michael McBride – Darby O’Gill and the Little People

Here is a much younger Connery, taking part in a Disney movie and singing as a result of it. It was a supporting role, but Sean did a great job at it.

John Patrick Mason – The Rock

In ‘The Rock,’ Connery starred alongside Nicolas Cage to the delight of most viewers. His character, John Patrick Mason, was a notorious prisoner that had escaped from Alcatraz (which had been taken hostage) some three decades earlier.

Professor Henry Jones Sr. – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This is where many of Sean Connery’s fans will find the strongest memory of his works. His adventures in the saga are breathtaking.

Jim Malone – The Untouchables

It is always pleasant to think of Sean Connery as a street-smart cop. That was exactly the role he played in The Untouchables, and he did it so well that it gave him his first and only Oscar as Best Supporting Actor.

Captain Marko Ramius – The Hunt for Red October

Playing the role of a mysterious commander of a top-secret Russian sub that could win a crucial cold war, Connery demonstrated uncommon mastery of his act in this movie.

There you have it! Above are some of the most memorable Sean Connery roles. Before his death, this great actor did some amazing works. If you’re a fan of Sean Connery, you should endeavor to watch some of his memorable works.

Celebrity Romances that Have Us Excited for Valentine’s Day

When the stars are in love, we can’t help but wish things work out best for them. Like the rest of us, celebrities fall in love and hit the rock, but we always hope things work out for everyone. Last year saw the breakup of some celebrity couples, but we want to believe this year will be better.

We have a number of celebrity couples we are excited about at the moment. Here are some of the celeb romances that have us excited for Valentine’s Day 2021:

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns

We are excited that Jordyn Woods has a new man in her life. The model confirmed her relationship with basketball star, KARL-Anthony Towns, via Instagram on September 26, 2020.

Luann de Lesseps and Garth Wakeford

Luann de Lesseps has one of the funniest stories here. She confirmed that she has started dating Hamptons trainer, Garth Wakeford in November 2020 but claimed that she still considers herself single. Whatever that means, we are excited for the Real Housewives of New York’s star.

Madison Prewett and Michael Porter, Jr. 

We only got to find out about Madison Prewett’s romance with Michael Porter Jr. through the basketball star’s sister’s post. Bri Porter shared a picture of the couple on October 10 and captured it ‘My fave double date.’

Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah

Daily stay host, Trevor Noah, seems to have finally found love again. He is said to be in love with Minka Kelly. From what a source told People, the couple has been dating for several months. The source also confirmed that it is a very serious relationship, and they are both very happy.

Pamela Anderson and Dan Hayhurst

This is an interesting romance that we are excited to see how it plays out. According to People, Pamela Anderson is dating her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst. It was first reported about seven months after she walked out of a 12-day marriage with Jon Peters.

Reba McEntire and Rex Linn

Reba McEntire first met CSI: Miami actor, Rex Linn, in January 2020. Their romantic affair, like most things, was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing them to switch to phone calls, texting, and Facetime. McEntire confirmed that they were a couple a few months ago, and we are excited about that. 

There you have it! Above are some celebrity romances that have us excited for Valentine’s Day—a season of love. We’re really buzzing to see more interesting romances from some of our favorite celebrities.

6 Best Christmas Movies

The holiday season is not just a time to eat and drink. People have different holiday traditions that involve interacting with close ones. In addition to cooking, eating, singing, and dancing together, people watch movies during the holiday. Do you love watching movies? You will have a lot of theme-appropriate ones during the festive season. Which ones are your favorite? Here are six Christmas movies we consider as the best of all times:

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) 

For a movie made more than seven decades ago, this is obviously one of the best movies out there. It is not all merry Christmas for the movie’s main character, James Stewart, an unfortunate bank clerk. As he is driven to the brink of suicide, a trainee angel comes to the rescue. In the end, this movie teaches us about life in a pleasant manner. 

Elf (2003) 

What happens when one of Santa’s Elves discovers that he is actually human? Well, depending on the nature of the elf, events can take different turns. Here, the elf (Will Ferrell) decided to leave the North Pole for New York, with the hope of finding his father. This has been described as one of the best films of the century by some individuals. 

A Christmas Story (1983) 

Some of you will swear that this is the best Christmas movie of all time. The truth is almost every movie in this list represents that for different people, and you will be right in your opinion. This is a great movie by all standards. 

Home Alone (1990) 

Every child that grew up in the 90s dreamed of being as inventive as Kevin McCallister, or being his pal, at least. Home alone sees a child survive, accidentally left by his family, survive two malicious adults hoping to burgle his home. 

Carol (2015) 

The newest film in this roundup is a beautifully made adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel. It is a love story that offers something different from what we are all used to. 

Love Actually (2003) 

Another love story for Christmas, Love Actually is a beautiful movie. There are many wonderful moments in the movie, but nothing is better than watching cute kids offer their incredible rendition of Maria Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”
There you have it! Above are some of the best Christmas movies of all times. In case you are thinking about watching some interesting Christmas movies with your loved ones this holiday season, you should consider watching any of the movies above. If you want something more strange, check out our picks for the strangest David Lynch projects.

6 Fun Celebrity Holiday Traditions

Your favorite celebrities love Christmas as much as you do. While we can’t rule out the possibility of some of them being some sort of Grinch, we know that many love Christmas more than regular folks. They have all sorts of fun holiday traditions they rarely talk about. Are you interested in some of the things your favorite stars do during Christmas? Here are six celebrity holiday traditions for you. 

The Obamas – Dancing for your Gift 

The Obamas are not your everyday celebrities: they are a lot more than that. During their time in the white house, we saw them dance and merry on several occasions. It is not surprising that they take dancing seriously during Christmas. Michele has revealed that everyone has to dance to get their gifts for Christmas. 

Kate Hudson – Ready for Santa 

Kate Hudson and her family seem to be obsessed with Santa. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is surprising that they expect gifts from Santa every year and keep some gifts for Santa too. Imagine gifting Santa rum, root beer, licorice, gluten-free cookies, and almond milk? Now imagine what Santa can give each member of the family for their kindness. 

The Jonas Brothers – Make some Tamales 

Nick Jonas and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, grow up eating tamales on Christmas morning. They still do the same thing every year. How cool is that? I have a feeling Priyanka Chopra also loves tamales. How else could she embrace the family tradition?  

Jessica Alba – Eat Turkey and Sing 

What do you do after eating your Christmas turkey? You must have to sing if you are celebrating Christmas the Jessica Alba’s way. 

Joanna Gaines – Baking 

Joanna will gather the same ingredient every Christmas and bake her beloved cinnamon rolls. It may not be the most interesting tradition, but imagine baking the same thing every Christmas. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like fun to me. 

Olivia Culpo – Eat a Lot of Food 

Have you heard about the Feast of the Seven Fishes? Well, it is an Italian thing that involves preparing seven different kinds of fish or preparing a couple kinds of fish in seven different dishes. Olivia doesn’t stop here; she confessed that they eat a lot more than this. You can start the feast in your PJs.
There you have it! Above are some fun celebrity holiday traditions. Christmas is a great time to connect and have fun with family, friends, and close relatives. You can even make the celebrations more fun with a holiday tradition. The above may give you various ideas to get started.

Here Are the Next 12 DC and Marvel Movie Release Dates

If, like most of us, you love your superheroes, we are sure you have been looking forward to so many of them returning to the screen. 2020 has been an eventful year, and we all can’t wait to go back to the cinemas for the best movies out there. If you are looking forward to movies from DC Comics and Marvel Studio, we’ve got you covered. Here are the next 12 DC and Marvel Movies release dates:

Wonder Woman 1984 (DC Films) – December 25, 2020 

This is one of the superhero sequels that was intentionally meant to be fast-tracked. It’s good to see that the wait will soon be over. 

Black Widow (Marvel Studio) – May 7, 2021 

We will see Scarlett Johansson take the stage in a standalone Black Widow movie. We are all eager to see more of her after her death in Avengers: Endgame.  

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings (Marvel Studio) – July 9, 2021

Who is ready for Marvel’s first Asian-American led superhero film? We are ready for Simu Liu and others. 

The Suicide Squad (DC Films) – August 6, 2021 

We have a lot of new names joining the cast in this film and the planned sequel.

Eternals (Marvel Studio) – November 5, 2021 

Marvel appears confident of delivering on this project, to the delight of fans. 

Black Adam (DC Films) – December 22, 2021 

Dwayne Johnson is poised to blow our minds with this one.

Untitled Sequel of Spider-Man: Far From Home (Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures) – December 17, 2021 

We really hope this project will go as planned. It will be a good way to end next year. 

Thor: Love and Thunder (Marvel Studio) – February 11, 2022

We can’t wait for the valentine season in 2022. A love story involving the gods is always great. 

The Batman (DC Films) – March 4, 2022 

There is another batman on the rise. Sad that we have to wait so long to meet him. 

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Marvel Studios) – March 25, 2022 

It will be nice to see Doctor Strange take center stage, albeit in a world of madness.

Black Panther II (Marvel Studios) – May 6, 2022 

The show must go on, though it will be difficult to forget the real King T’Challa, we are ready for it.

Captain Marvel 2 (Marvel Studios) – July 8, 2022 

It’s sad that we have to wait too long for this too. We are confident the wait will be worth it. 

There you have it! Above are the release dates of the next DC and Marvel movies. We all can’t wait to see these amazing movies on our screens again.

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7 Surprising Guitar Solos in Popular Movies

Movies are without a doubt a very wonderful source of entertainment and rock star movies take this to the next level. A staple of a rockstar movie is the guitar solo. It’s not a rockstar movie if there isn’t a passionate guitar solo that ends with the characters sliding across the floor on their knees. If that sounds great to you, here are 7 surprising and awesome guitar solos in popular movies.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is not the first movie that comes to your mind when you think of guitar solos. But it should. Scott is a young musician who falls in love with Ramona. The problem? She has seven evil exes he has to defeat in a band competition to win a record deal he desperately wants. Filled with feel-good moments, lots of laughs, and of course, romance, it’s not hard to see why the movie has a cult following.

There are several guitar solos in this movie. You have one from Ramona and there’s also an awesome one where Scott battles with Ramona’s band. If you’re a fan of bass players, you’ll love these solos.

Back To The Future (1985) 

It’s not a credible list if Marty McFly’s solo isn’t in it. Back to the Future is an awesome movie that follows Marty, who travels back in time to 1955. To ensure he still exists in the future, he has to make sure his parents who are in high school fall in love and end up together. Marty’s solo of Johnny B Goode features one of the most iconic vintage guitars: The red Gibson ES-345.

This is Spinal Tap (1984) 

Spinal is a British heavy metal band. While this is not an actual movie, Nigel Tufnel’s guitar solos are too good to pass up. If you want to see an actual rockstar at work, this documentary by Rob Reiner is a must-watch. 

School of Rock (2003) 

In School of Rock, Jack Black plays a rock enthusiast turned teacher. When he takes up a substitute teaching job, he trains the students to form a band. It’s full of laughs, drama, and of course, some good rock and roll.

Sing (2016) 

Sing is an awesome animated musical with a fun plot and a star-studded soundtrack. With appearances from Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder, SING is a movie you have to watch at least once. This is probably not a movie you’ll think about when discussing rock and roll, however, Scarlett Johansson’s character, Ash, a porcupine with a lot of grit delivers her performance of Set it All Free, and let’s not forget the amazing guitar solo. The movie also features a PG version of Nicki Minaj’s song, Anaconda.

Desperado (1995) 

A jaded musician out for revenge. A vintage guitar case filled with guns. Tales of heartbreak and the death of a passion. Desperado tells this tale through El Mariachi. If you like your music mixed with action and drama then this is the movie for you. El Mariachi renders a soul-bearing acoustic piece “Los Lobos’ Morena de Mi Corazon” then he shows them who’s boss.

Purple Rain (1984) 

Purple Rain tells the story of The Kid, a musician who is talented but plagued with troubles. Prince plays The Kid in this classic movie. Prince is hands down one of the most talented musicians and performers to ever grace a stage. His voice, moves, and style set him apart from the rest.

Purple rain, which is the name of the movie and a song he performed, contains one of the most iconic guitar solos ever. He performed Purple Rain with Wendy Ann Melvolin in 1984 and the rest of the world has been trying to recreate their magic ever since.

That’s my list! What great guitar solos did I miss? Let me know!

6 Strangest David Lynch Projects

David Lynch was described as “the first popular Surrealist” by Pauline Kael, who is one of the best film critics. This is a mild way to describe his roles in some of the best mental mindful movies of our time. To say he has done several strange things is more like an understatement. David Lynch is known for so many weird works.

Do you know some of David Lynch’s projects? Which ones are your favorite? Here, we want to look at the six strangest projects he has done, in our opinion. These may not be your favorite projects, but we feel they are the strangest:

Transcendental Meditation

He may be remembered most for film, music, and art projects, but David Lynch has been a driving force in Meditation movements for decades. He was initiated into a spiritual movement (Transcendental Meditation) in the 70s and has done a lot to advance the course. His “David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education And Peace” was launched in 2005, and he is doing more.

Catching the Big Fish

Many may not know that David Lynch wrote a book on Meditation. Titled Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, And Creativity, the book is based on his notion that ideas are like fish. There is an Audiobook that the author personally read.

Twin Peaks

This was David Lynch’s first foray into the worlds of television, and we feel it is among his strangest projects. Though this project was canceled in the second season, it made a great impression on viewers and will continue to be relevant.

Weather Reporting

This is one of David Lynch’s hobbies that he has turned to something cool to his fans. We still see it strange that the artist who is deeply interested in mind-binding and disturbing visual works will so much love the weather that he will deliver daily reports on his official website.


Lynch has been involved in music for a while now, especially those that relate to his films. Unsurprisingly, he did quite well in experimental rock and ambient soundscapes. We find it strange that he dabbled into electro-pop music and did well too. 


David Lynch shot a teaser video for Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” in 1992. The 40-second long abstract snippet is strange and quite scarce.

There you have it! Above are some of the strangest projects of David Lynch. In case you haven’t watched any, you should endeavor to find time to do that.

Celebrities Who Have Fun Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is not like any other holiday. In America, it brings out the best in us. For the average family, it is the perfect time of the year to come together and create wonderful memories. Several individuals go out of their way to make Thanksgiving a lot more memorable. So many of our celebrities have such habits.

Are you interested in what celebrities do during Thanksgiving? We may not know exactly what your favorite celebrities do, but we know a few celebrities who have fun thanksgiving traditions. Here are those on our list and what they do.

Katie Holmes

If you know Katie Holmes too well, you shouldn’t be surprised that her thanksgiving tradition involves being active. The ‘All We Had’ star opened up to Jimmy Fallon about her family’s yearly ritual, which she still adheres to. According to the actress, her dad started the tradition, called ‘Turkey Trot,’ which is a run in the local park. She said there was a prize for the run, which she had never won as of 2012 when she granted the interview. We are not sure she has earned the coveted prize eight years later.

Blake Lively

No one lives it up like Blake Lively and her loving family. The ‘Gossip Girl’ star revealed that she cooks an entire feast for her family. In her words, “On Thanksgiving, I’ll cook an entire feast, a 12-course mean. And it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my sweet potato casserole is pretty good.” It is hard to tell the changes she has made to this wonderful tradition now that she has a family of five with Ryan Reynolds. We believe she must be making extra casseroles. 

Jessica Alba

Jessica has obviously been having great Thanksgiving from the time she was little. When she opened up to Instyle some years ago, she talked big about her big family thanksgiving tradition. In her words, “I love holiday traditions. We have a big family-and-friends sit-down dinner. Cash, me, and my parents throw down in the kitchen, and my dad makes the most yummy tender turkeys.” Who wouldn’t want a taste of her dad’s spicy turkeys with all the fixings?

There you have it! Above are some famous celebrities who have fun Thanksgiving traditions. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to create fun Thanksgiving traditions. If you don’t have any, you can start your own with loved ones during the next Thanksgiving.