Soap Opera Fans Named These Shows Their Favorite

Soap opera shows are made in a way to hook watchers and turn them into true fans. Soap Operas are dramatic, entertaining, and often complex with interwoven plot threads that lead to dramatic and unforeseen twists. This is part of the reason you will hardly see a fan who does not take soap operas seriously. 

In the list below, we have put together a rundown of soap operas that fans consider their favorite. 


Aired in 1972, “Emmerdale” is a classic soap opera that dwells on the lives of the people of a fictional town in the Yorkshire Dales. Featuring casts such as Michelle Hardwick, Danny Miller, Emma Atkins, and more, the show is currently available on the BritBox streaming service. 

The Bold and The Beautiful

Running since the 80s, CBS’ “The Bold and The Beautiful” is a soap opera that focuses on the lives of the Forrester family. The show has over 3 million viewers and is widely watched around the globe.

The Young and The Restless

Another CBS show, “The Young and The Restless,” is another classic soap that fans around the world highly pine after. Aired in 1973, the melodramatic soap opera had a respectable cast that included Shemar Moore, Mishael Morgan, Sharon Case, among others. 

All My Children

The most popular ABC soap opera “All My Children” ran as one of the most-watched soap operas in the 70s. The show once boasted a massive male audience. It was watched by more than 3.4 million fans. 


“AS THE WORLD TURNS” was the longest-running TV soap opera as it aired from (1956-2010). There was plenty of drama in the fictional town of Oakdale. Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann stirred an uproar among the fanbase. Other dramas have given the fans a lot to talk about.

Santa Barbara

Aired from 1984 to 1993, the show at one point featured a young Leonardo DiCaprio. This soap had a theme of murder and temptation. The actual plot revolved around solving a murder, which makes the soap opera highly engaging and entertaining. The show won 18 Soap Opera Digest Awards and an impressive 24 Daytime Emmy Awards. 

There you have it! Above are some of the favorite shows of soap opera fans across the world.