5 Most Memorable Fred Willard Movie Roles

The legendary Fred Willard, before he passed away, was one of the most remarkably talented Hollywood actors. Willard’s career was a huge one, thanks to several amazing roles that defined him as an actor and an all-around good human being. Since 1966, the witty Ohio actor earned an unbelievable 313 screen credits. Without much ado, let’s look at the most memorable Fred Willard roles. Note that the list is in no particular order.

A Mighty Wind

In this 2003 film, Willard shows what a brilliant and hilarious actor he was. The catchphrases, callback, all tied to the plot is amazing. Endlessly, he reeled out ideas upon ideas.


Roxanne (the 1987 film not the show) is a comedy where a long-nosed poet woos a beautiful woman with his wit and affable words. Willard plays Mayor Deebs, who lent support to the other characters. The movie is lighthearted and one of those that shone the spotlight on Fred.

I Think You Should Leave

Featuring in this movie that is packed with fascinating characters, Willard replaces the organist New Joe playing the musical instrument with so much happiness. He speaks through his music and offers viewers so much to admire and enjoy. This movie’s role is truly one of his best.

Modern Family

Willard playing Phil Dunphy brought a positive attitude to the movie’s story. Introduced to add regular quips and jokes, he played it to perfection. His final appearance on the show earlier on this was poignant.

Fernwood 2 Night

This movie highlights the reason why Fred is seen as a hilarious and talented actor. This movie shows that he knows how to be funny and knows when to leave you in suspense before he let off the gas. Fred will mostly be remembered for his role in this movie. 

There you have it! Above are some of the most memorable movie roles played by Fred Willard. He joins the ranks of other great actors, such as Tim Curry, who wowed us throughout his career. During Fred’s acting days, he was a highly prolific and talented actor. These movies listed above are some of the movies he featured before he passed away in early 2020. His memory shall forever remain with his fans seeing any of these movies where proved what an actor he was. If you are a fan of the legendary actor, you should consider watching any of the movies mentioned above. You will have an amazing experience as you watch.