Angelina Jolie Rumors and Why Many Are Lies

A-list actors in Hollywood have their fair of criticism, and Angelina Jolie is not an exception. Many rumors have been written about Angelina, and many have been found to lack substance. Given her formidable and amazing talent, it is inevitable that rumors would surface about her character and life choices. Below we have a look at some Angelina Jolie rumors and why they are lies.

She Once Tried To Hire Someone to Kill Her

Angelina Jolie has indeed been famously depressive all through her life, but there were rumors that she hired someone to kill her. In the nascent period of her acting career, she revealed in an interview that she had been having suicidal thoughts. She also disclosed that she could not stomach the hurt she would cause her family, friends, and fans after they found out that she had committed suicide. This buries the rumors that made waves about her suicide attempt. 

She Enjoyed Kissing Her Brother

During the 2000 academy awards, Angelina Jolie took her brother as her date to the venue. Before that day, the two were photographed. At the awards, the two locked lips, and many suggested that the two were in a relationship. Angelina’s childhood nanny later came out to say these claims were rubbish by explaining that they have a close family relationship and nothing more.

She Tied the Knot in Rubber Pants

Angelina got married to her first spouse, Jonny Lee Miller, in 1996. This was years after they met in the movie Hackers. It was widely rumored that she got wedded in rubber pants and a bloody white T-shirt, with Miller’s name scribbled on the shirt in blood. This was not true.

She Stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston

Before Brad got married to Angelina, he was married to Jennifer Aniston. After Brad broke up with Aniston, the media went berserk with a story that Angeline was a homewrecker. During the time of their marriage, before they separated in 2005, Angelina was seen by many as the cause of Brad and Aniston’s union hitting the rocks.

There you have it! Above are some of the widespread Angelina Jolie runors. Being an A-list actor, the media attention will always be on anything Angelina Jolie does. Unfortunately, a lot of these rumors often turn out are lies after in-depth investigations, and some become urban legends.