5 Shows about the Victorian Era Drama You Should Stream

We all love good old British period dramas in America. The successes of many of the movies in this genre in American theaters show that we are still a little obsessed with the Brits. There is nothing wrong with that.

If like most Americans, you enjoy Victorian era drama, you will hardly ever be in lack of a series to keep you busy. But what are the best titles in the genre? Here, we will briefly discuss five interesting series in the genre that are available for streaming.

North and South

North and South is one interesting movie you can stream on Netflix. It follows the story of a young woman raised in southern England but had to leave behind the peaceful middle-class upbringing when her father (a clergyman) abandoned the Church of England. Surviving in a northern industrial town was a major struggle for her.

Jane Eyre

This is a mini-series treatment of Charlotte Brontë’s novel. It is an interesting four-part serial that follows the story of a young, orphaned governess who falls in love with her older master. In addition to her complicated emotions, she started witnessing strange and dangerous events at the Hall. You can stream this at Hulu.

Cranford and Return to Cranford

In the rural village of Cranford, the numerous single and widowed women love their lives and are more than happy to live their remaining years in harmony here. They love to gossip and cherish the attention of the gentlemen. You can watch this on Amazon.

Ripper Street

Follow the team of skilled police officers who patrol the crime-ridden Whitechapel section of East London in a perilous time, after Jack the Ripper went on a killing spree. The story gets really complicated as each season passes. It is available on Netflix.

The Forsyte Saga

This is another interesting series adapted from a book – it is adapted from John Galsworthy’s trilogy of novels and follows the story of the flawed Forsyte family that spans three generations. While struggling to maintain their high and mighty status, they have to deal with their flaws and the saga that come with them. You can stream this on iTunes.

There are several other Victorian-era series you may love. These are the available ones we love. If you are keen to know more about the Victorian era, then you should consider watching any of these TV series. A wonderful experience awaits you as you watch.