Gifts that Celebrities Buy their Children

Gifts are ways through which parents can show their love to their children. The gifts are not usually quantified, but the giver’s intentions are clear, and the value of the gift mostly depends on how rich the parents are. 

When it comes to celebrities, money is never a problem, which implies that the gifts are not limited in size and quality. Social media is often abuzz anytime a celebrity goes overboard to procure ridiculously expensive gifts for their kids. There have been a few honorable mentions, but we will look at some gifts that have kept everyone talking. 

A House

Celebrities do not hold back when the time comes to show love to their kids, and they flaunt it as much as they can. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did exactly that when they bought a ridiculously expensive treehouse for their daughter. The house was said to have cost them $24,000 to complete and is equipped with basic things a normal home should have, such as water, electricity, and others. Such an expensive package for a house the little princess can only play, isn’t it? Fortunately, her parents don’t seem to mind. 

A Car

This is a common feature for most celebrities when their children turn into adults or even as infants. Kris Jenner topped that recently when she bought an expensive $90,000 Range Rover for her daughter Kendall’s 16th birthday. The truth is that cars are common gifts for celebrities buy the Kardashian clan surely knows how to make it rain. 

A Painting

This may seem strange, but not to David Beckham and his wife, Victoria. The star couple bought a custom-made Damien Hurst painting for their daughter’s first birthday. The painting was entitled Daddy’s Girl and cost them a whopping $600,000. That’s terrific for the little infant who hasn’t started walking. 

Diamond Encrusted Gifts

While spending the money, some celebrities move the distance with the way they show off. This was actually what Beyonce and Jay-Z did when they bought their daughter Blue Ivy an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie. That broke the internet, but the star family doesn’t care. Anything for their baby girl is what makes them happy. 

There you have it! Above are some gifts that celebrities buy their kids. Celebrities have been known to throw the cash now and then. This isn’t half of the ridiculous gifts they’ve given their children, but the ones on this list caught our eyes. If you follow them on social media, you may see what gifts they give this Christmas!

5 Best Holiday Kid’s Movies

If there’s one thing that kids love doing during the holidays apart from eating and sleeping, then it has to see some interesting movies. The spirit of Christmas boosts the festivities of the day, but when you add movies to it, it becomes a complete experience that they will cherish throughout that period. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best holiday movies that are a special delight for kids. 

Home Sweet Home Alone (2021) 

Hurray! We finally get to see some new additions to the Home Alone Disney series that we’ve all seen as kids. A kid named Max has to defend his home from intruders that wish to plunder it for artifacts. These artifacts have been in their family for generations and are quite priceless. This is a must-watch for kids and will be premiering this November.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

This is a wonderful Netflix story about a popular toymaker who has been known to make beautiful toys. He has his design stolen by an apprentice who gets no permission from his boss to do so. His relentless granddaughter goes on a mission to retrieve this design and return it to her grandpa. It’s a musical story featuring Forest Whittaker as the toymaker and Keegan Michael-Key as the apprentice. It’s an interesting watch for kids. 

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (2020)

This is another holiday flick that would interest dance lovers. It focuses on the career of renowned choreographer Debbie Allen and how she rose to prominence as she prepares for her annual Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. It’s an interesting watch that will take kids through behind the scene of massive productions. 

Klaus (2019)

This is a Netflix animated movie about a postal worker that became friends with a toymaker. The features of the movie are better left untold and for one to watch as this will surely wow kids. The movie is an interesting one and got nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

There you have it! Above are some of the best movies for kids during the holiday. The holiday period can be a great time for you and your kids to enjoy some interesting movies.  There are some other interesting movies for holidays, but we suggest starting with these so that you can get the feel of the season with cinematic thrill. 

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Brief History of Dr. Seuss’s Career

Dr. Seuss was an American writer and illustrator of children’s books. In addition to being the author and illustrator of some of the most popular children’s books, Dr. Seuss was a political cartoonist, a poet, an animator, and a filmmaker.

Early Life

Dr. Seuss was born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904, In Springfield, Massachusetts. His father managed a family brewery before being appointed to supervise Springfield’s public park system.

Dr. Seuss was educated at Dartmouth College, where he was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He was also a part of the humor magazine, Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern, rising to the rank of Editor in Chief. He enrolled in Lincoln College, Oxford, to earn a D.Phil. In English, but left without a degree.


Once Dr. Seuss returned to the United States from Oxford in February 1927, he started submitting writings and drawings to magazines, book publishers, and advertising agencies. It took about five months for his first nationally published cartoon to appear. This encouraged him to move to New York from Springfield.

Later in the same year, he accepted the position of writer and illustrator at the humor magazine, ‘Judge’. Once he was financially stable, he married his love interest, Helen. Until this point, Dr. Seuss was being published with his original name. His first work to be signed Dr. Seuss was published six months after joining Judge Magazine.

Dr. Seuss gained popularity after one of his cartoons was signed for the ‘Flit’ ad campaign. He became an on-demand cartoonist, with his works appearing in popular magazines like Vanity Fair, Life, and Liberty. He became very wealthy from earnings in advertising works.

Dr. Seuss’s first children’s book was inspired while he was returning from an ocean voyage. It was a poem, and then a book. According to Dr. Seuss, the book was rejected by more than 20 publishers. He was planning to burn the manuscript until a chance encounter with a Dartmouth classmate led to the publication. He wrote four more books before the US entered World War II, at which point he turned to political cartoons.

Later Years

Dr. Seuss wrote many of his children’s books in his later years, after he moved to La Jolla, California with his wife,


Dr. Seuss died of cancer on September 24, 1991. He has been received several posthumous awards.