6 Most Enchanting Holiday Romance Movies

It’s that time of the year again, the holidays when you get to snuggle under the sheets, eating chocolate and getting thrilled with the sound of the movie. It’s also a time to spend quality time with your loved ones and has the experience of a lifetime. The holiday mood is often better enjoyed with some Hollywood romantic flicks. These are movies that will get you to revel in the spirit of the season. Let us take a look at some romantic movies that you can enjoy during the holidays. 

Serendipity (2001)

Jonathan and Sara meet for the first time and discovers they have an intense attraction for each other. They later separated after some circumstances led to them believing it’s in the hands of fate. Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack killed their roles in this romantic flick. 

Coming Home for Christmas (2017)

Danica McKellar features in this movie as Lizzie Richfield, a young lady who unwillingly finds herself in a love triangle when she landed a job at an Estate. She finds it hard to organize a Christmas party for the dysfunctional owners of the Estate where her love interest is.

Love Actually (2003)

This fantastic romantic movie never gets old, even as you rewatch it a few times. The film is based on the love life of a number of couples as they try to manage the Christmas schedule. The movie featured several stars, including Keira Knightly, Hugh Grant, Andre Lincoln, Alan Rickman and Laura Linney.

The Holiday (2006)

Two young ladies try to spice up their love life during the holidays by switching partners. Kate Winslet and Camero Diaz both featured as Iris and Amanda in this beautiful piece. 

The Best Man Holiday (2013)

An attempt by old friends from college to rekindle their friendship through a reunion during the holidays suddenly becomes complicated. They reopened old wounds, and they reignited old flames. This is a terrific movie featuring Terrence Howard, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, and Sanaa Lathan. 

The Perfect Holiday (2007)

A young Emily Taylor attempts to help her mum get her love life back during the holidays with the help of Santa Claus. This is a charming and emotional movie featuring Gabrielle Union and Khail Bryant. 

There you have it! These are fantastic movies that set the mood for a lovely holiday experience. The holiday season can be a great time to enjoy some romantic movies and rekindle your love life. An amazing experience awaits you as you check out these romantic movies.

5 Celebrities Who Transformed Their Bodies for a Movie Role

Being an actor is a very tedious job. The long hours they put in, the auditions, and the many sessions they undergo with their movie crew provide the best effects. It’s mind-blowing when you consider the amount of time it takes most of these actors to finish a movie set successfully. This is why they’re paid handsomely to deliver, and, in most cases, some of them are tasked with achieving a particular body mass to make the cut for movies. Let’s look at some of them that have transformed their bodies for a role. 

Kumail Nanjiani 

Nanjiani is not new to the Hollywood scene, having featured in HBO’s Silicon Valley and another role in The Big Sick. The actor decided to step it up a notch when he made a massive transformation in body mass for his role in Marvel’s Eternals. He admitted that it took him one year of intense workouts and a strict diet to achieve that. 

Chris Pratt 

Chris was a very cheeky and chubby actor before his role on Guardians of the Galaxy. This was the point where he started putting in the work with a massive transformation that saw him lose 35lb in just six weeks. Chris was reported on a diet of leafy green salads and ran at least six miles in a day to achieve that. 

Christian Bale 

Christian Bale is no stranger in the body transformation Hollywood actor’s crew. He is renowned for having lost weight, gained weight and even gotten his body ripped for significant roles throughout his career. The most shocking was when he got to 100 pounds from 170 pounds for his role in The Machinist. That kind of transformation is incredible and dangerous. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore put in the work for her role in the movie G.I. Jane, the first female Navy SEAL. The transformation was amazing as she got ripped and even rained with Navy SEAL instructor Stephen Helvenston to look the part. Daily 2 hours of lifting weight and a six-mile run was her secret. 

Chris Hemsworth

The might Thor actor lost about 30 pounds for his role in the movie In the Heart of the Sea and then gained a ripped frame for his role in Avengers. That’s some extraordinary feat for the A-list actor.

There you have it! Above are some celebrities who transformed their bodies for a movie role. Depicting a movie role flawlessly may require transforming for body. Kumail Nanjiani, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth are just among some of these actors who had to undergo body transformation to achieve their role in the movie. Perhaps with some exercise and the use of products from NuMedica or Neurobiologix, you may be setting yourself up for a new adventure too!

4 Fun Movie Drinking Games

The fact is that you will have a lovely time watching your favorite movies with the addition of alcohol. Nevertheless, finding a good movie to play the game is a careful balancing act. You wouldn’t want to watch a movie that makes you think too hard; nevertheless, you can’t just opt for any old bad movie. The best fun movie drinking games belong to one of two categories, like cult movies that you have watched several times or films that are so bad and can be depicted as a good movie. This post has compiled a list of fun movies to turn into a drinking game.


There is no better way to watch this fun movie after seeing Rebel Wilson strip off her cat fur to showcase a pink leotard which hits differently when you’re drinking your favorite liquor. So, you can drink when the cats’ scale alters, the characters act like real cats, one of the cats was horny, and you can see the cat’s human feet.

Mean Girls

Several people can recite every line of this film by heart; thus, it doesn’t matter if you get drunk while watching this movie. It would be best if you drank when someone says “Africa,” someone shares a rumor heard about Regina, Cady’s name is mispronounced, someone mentions Regina George’s full name, and an entry from the Burn Book is read in a loud voice.

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace

The unique thing is that the only time the Phantom Menace is tagged as the best Star Wars movie is when someone talks about the best movie drinking games. Ensure that you drink when there is a screen wipe, a podracer crashes, Jar Jar says “Meesa,” someone mentions “the Force,” and someone mentions midichlorians.


If you re-watch the originals before Midnight Sun is released, you’ll need to get a few drinks. Endeavor to drink when; a vampire sparkles, Edward and Bella stare silently at each other, a vampire uses their power, Edward looks uncomfortable, and Bella looks like she will throw up.

There you have it! Above are some fun movie drinking games. Get your favorite drink with you and watch these movies to have an excellent time. You can decide to perform this task with your close friend.  

4 Films that Bombed then Became Cult Classics

The fact is that the box office is regarded as the metric for evaluating a film’s success. It is more likely to see a franchise or sequel of a successful movie. But the thing is that some great movies don’t usually perform excellently in theaters and can be due to poor marketing or probably getting lost in a plethora of movies in the same category. Nevertheless, there is still hope for these movies as they can emerge as cult classics. Cult classics are movies that have a dedicated fan base usually built over several years of release. Read on to find out four favorite films that became cult classics.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)

This movie was first considered a box office flop after its release if you aren’t aware. Situations have changed, and it is now known as one of the most fantastic movies of all time. At its first release, the film didn’t make much and ran at a loss. Nevertheless, the film was re-released after a decade and eventually made a profit. Another fantastic thing is that this film has become a treasured work of American pop culture art.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)

This film is not the popular hit we know today. After its first release in 2010, the quirky movie focused on a series of graphic novels that weren’t well-known worldwide. The movie generated revenue of only $48 million out of the total $85 million budget. Things have turned out very well for the movie and have even exceeded its budget.

Blade Runner (1982)

After several years, viewers and critics alike have recognized Blade Runner as a classic masterpiece. The movie features stellar performance from Harrison Ford and other great actors. However, the movie underperformed at the box office due to the dominations of other science fiction blockbusters in the industry.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

The unique thing about Hocus Pocus is that it benefited more from home video sales than ticket sales. The film was first released in 1993 and ran at a loss costing Disney millions of dollars. However, ABC Family and Disney Channel air the movie during the Halloween season every year. Eventually, people began buying these movies in different formats like Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, etc.

This post has highlighted four films that initially failed, but these movies are still popular among folks today.

dish on white ceramic plate

Movies about the Food Industry

The food industry-related documentaries are dominating the movie industry at this present time. The interesting fact is that Netflix and other movies platforms have started to integrate these documentaries into their platforms. Thus, you will find documentaries about meat, sugars, and other food items that will expand your imagination. Read on to find out classic movies that will change your perspective about food.

Forks Over Knives (2011)

Note that this classic documentary focuses on the vegetarian lifestyle. This movie also advocates a plant-based diet, whole foods that are devoid of processed oils and foods. The film takes a visual and aggressive approach to the dairy and meat industries. It ascertains that most degenerative diseases can be reversed or controlled by ditching processed and animal-based foods.

Sugar Coated (2015)

This documentary addresses the controversy associated with the sugar industry and its proposition that sugar is not toxic. The film wants the industry to own up to the world’s growing health issues and compared the industry’s political theatrics to Big Tobaccos. A recent report also confirmed that the heavyweights in the sugar industry paid scientists to downplay the interconnection between sugar and heart disease.

Cooked (2016)

Famous food writer Michael Pollan evaluates the four natural elements, including earth, air, water, fire, and their representation in the way we prepare and enjoy food. The documentary consists of four parts, and the author tries to draw a linkage between several cultures and the role of each element in the preparation of foods. Cooked strives to demonstrate balance in the diet. For instance, the episode “Air” showcases the transformation of the bread-making process and why people are becoming more informed about gluten.

That Sugar Film (2014)

Filmmaker Damon Gameau demonstrated that overeating sugar would have an unhealthy effect on the body. He opted for foods that are promoted as being healthy; these include foods like cereal, granola bars, and low-fat yogurt that helped me to attain his 40-teaspoon per day goal. The result shows that he packed 19 pounds and had a skin breakout.

There you have it! Above are some movies about the food industry. As a food lover, endeavor to create time to watch these exciting and insightful movies to learn more about the food industry and make informed decisions. Also become informed about food supplements, such as those produced by Pharmax and Thorne Research.

5 Shows about the Victorian Era Drama You Should Stream

We all love good old British period dramas in America. The successes of many of the movies in this genre in American theaters show that we are still a little obsessed with the Brits. There is nothing wrong with that.

If like most Americans, you enjoy Victorian era drama, you will hardly ever be in lack of a series to keep you busy. But what are the best titles in the genre? Here, we will briefly discuss five interesting series in the genre that are available for streaming.

North and South

North and South is one interesting movie you can stream on Netflix. It follows the story of a young woman raised in southern England but had to leave behind the peaceful middle-class upbringing when her father (a clergyman) abandoned the Church of England. Surviving in a northern industrial town was a major struggle for her.

Jane Eyre

This is a mini-series treatment of Charlotte Brontë’s novel. It is an interesting four-part serial that follows the story of a young, orphaned governess who falls in love with her older master. In addition to her complicated emotions, she started witnessing strange and dangerous events at the Hall. You can stream this at Hulu.

Cranford and Return to Cranford

In the rural village of Cranford, the numerous single and widowed women love their lives and are more than happy to live their remaining years in harmony here. They love to gossip and cherish the attention of the gentlemen. You can watch this on Amazon.

Ripper Street

Follow the team of skilled police officers who patrol the crime-ridden Whitechapel section of East London in a perilous time, after Jack the Ripper went on a killing spree. The story gets really complicated as each season passes. It is available on Netflix.

The Forsyte Saga

This is another interesting series adapted from a book – it is adapted from John Galsworthy’s trilogy of novels and follows the story of the flawed Forsyte family that spans three generations. While struggling to maintain their high and mighty status, they have to deal with their flaws and the saga that come with them. You can stream this on iTunes.

There are several other Victorian-era series you may love. These are the available ones we love. If you are keen to know more about the Victorian era, then you should consider watching any of these TV series. A wonderful experience awaits you as you watch.

Marlon Brando’s Most Defining Roles

Marlon Brando graced the big screens for several decades. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest things to have happened to the American movie industry, and his influence on 20th-century film cannot be challenged anywhere.

Though he had so many great movies that we can’t start comparing, there are standout performances we can always point to when celebrating the talented actor. Here, we will discuss a few of his most defining roles.

Stanley Kowalski – A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

There is a story that the director of this movie had to convince the movie producer to choose Marlon Brando ahead of another favored actor to play the lead role of Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 film. By some accounts, the director even threatened to quit if the role was given to someone else. Whatever her reason for such “trust,” it was greatly rewarded. Marlon Brando was simply phenomenal in the role.

Vito Corleone – The Godfather (1972)

It is safe to say that Marlon Brando’s performance is part of the reason this film is regarded as a cult classic. The role was a career-defining one for him, and he did so well that he earned an Oscar nod for Best Actor.

Terry Malloy – On the Waterfront (1954)

This is one of the roles that pushed Marlon Brando into the limelight. It was also the role that earned him his very first Oscar nod. The hard-hitting drama saw him partnering with director and ally, Elia Kazan, who had previously insisted that he be given the role of “Stanly Kowalski” in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” We can say that they also created magic together here.

Major Lloyd “Ace” Gruver – Sayonara (1957)

Marlon’s role as an American Air Force fighter pilot who falls in love with a famous Japanese dancer gave him an opportunity to shed light on such important themes as racism and prejudice. He interpreted the role perfectly, just like other cast members. It wasn’t surprising that this film won four Academy Awards.

Marlon Brando is unarguably one of the best talents we have seen on the big screen. He was great in most of the roles he interpreted, but the four discussed here are clearly top of his most defining roles.

6 Movies to Watch on Easter

What have you planned for Easter? Do you have movie time in your plan? If you don’t, it is time to modify the list. Movie time is a great time to relax after the festivities. It is also a good time to learn a thing or two with your family members without looking at each other and making statements you may regret afterward.

So what movies can you watch on Easter? You actually have many options, but we will focus on a few to make it easier for you to pick. Depending on how much free time you have, you can watch the entire six.


This is the right movie to watch with your family, especially if you have a young family. It is a sweet live-action/animated film that is full of springtime shenanigans. It is a great film that will be enjoyed by kids and adults.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

An Easter movie list that doesn’t contain this epic show will be regarded with suspicion by many. This is one of the movies that depict the story of Jesus Christ in the most appropriate way for Christians. It details his life on earth from the humble birth to the death by crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.

The Dog Who Saved Easter

The hero of Easter can be your furry friend. In this wonderful movie, a canine that ended up in a daycare for the Easter weekend played the hero when a criminal came in to wreck the business. Zeus, as the pup is called, was really bold and lovely.

The Case for Christ

This is a 2017 movie that will make you sit back and think harder about your beliefs. It follows an atheist who is bent on debunking his wife’s newfound Christian beliefs but ended up surprising himself.

Easter Yeggs

This is an animated short film with some Easter lesson for everyone. A lazy Easter bunny tricked Bugs Bunny to deliver his eggs for him. A thrilling adventure follows.

Hanks and Mike

This is the movie to watch if you want to get some laughs. It follows two funny Easter bunnies who became unemployed when a holiday corporation made some cutbacks on Easter. You will laugh hard and learn a few lessons.

There are many more movies you can watch on Easter. We believe these are some of the best ones, and that you will certainly enjoy them.

4 Movies with Improbable Relationships

We have all at one time or another been swept off our feet by romantic love stories. From the iconic saga, Titanic, to many others, love has been ascribed varying meanings. Amidst these different shades of love we have seen, some defy conventions leading us to see them as unrealistic. 

In case you are looking for movies that have an improbable relationship, this post is for you. Below is a list of movies that has relationships that buck the trend. In no particular order, they include:

Edward Scissorhands

Directed by Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is a movie with a relationship that makes us think on a new level about love. Edward is a synthetic man that has scissors blades for hands. After the inventor kicked the bucket, Edward is taken in by Peg, a lovely Avon lady. Eventually, Edward meets Kim and falls in love with her. Notwithstanding his oddish appearance, Kim was highly enamored to the humanoid until Edward’s inhuman part started to get in the way. 


Premiered in 2003, Reconstruction is a film that follows the relationship movie that defies reasoning. Alex, a photographer, ditches her girlfriend for an unknown and alluring woman, following her into the night. He gets into an affair with the comely woman only to later realize that memories of his past relationship have vanished. Even his house goes missing from his memory. She merely shrugged the mystery off and decided to look forward to seeing what the future holds for him. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim sets out to win a girl’s heart he fell heads over heels for at first sight. But he finds out there is a problem; he has to overcome the girl’s seven ex-possessive and brutish boyfriends before he can be with her. He later has a run-in with one of the exes. It soon turned into a battlefield. Scott must beat all of them before he can have his dream girl. 

Good Dick

Good Dick is a film about a courteous video store clerk that secretly falls in love with a woman he often checks off. He is so enamored to her that he made a few feeble and futile attempts to get her into a conversation. When his plans are clearly failing, he devises a new one.

There you have it! Above are some movies with improbable relationships. If you are a sucker for love, these movies will show you another dimension of what you call love. You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience as you want any of these movies.

You Will Not Expect Each Sad Death in Movies We List Below

There are some great movies that many viewers did not expect to have tear-jerking moments. These sad deaths break your heart over and over again, and no matter how many times you rewind, you can’t stop them from happening, especially when it happens to your favorite character.

With this said, brace yourself as we walk down memory and talk about each sad death in movies that made up want to hit pause.

John Coffey is Executed

Do you remember the screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, with the late and phenomenal actor Michael Clark Duncan playing John Coffey? In the book and film, John Coffey has unexplained supernatural abilities and is wrongfully accused of the murder of two girls and placed on death row. Despite his honesty, compassion, empathy, and kindness, and the belief that he will be spared, he is ultimately electrocuted. This moment saw the onlookers break down in tears just as much as the audience did.

Peter Parker’s Uncle Biting the Dust

After Peter Parker’s uncle offers the advice that “with great power comes great responsibility,”  you think that this will be a turning point for Peter Parker and how he uses his superpowers. But, a few scenes later, Peter ignores his uncle’s words and fails to subdue a man who later that day will go on to shoot and kill Peter’s uncle.

Hold the Door

The death of the Game of Thrones characters does not come as a shock as the show is full of shocking character deaths. However, one of the character deaths came as quite a shock. Hodor, a strongman that helped Bran in his quest to find the Children of the Forest, passed away while holding the door for Bran to escape the forest after the Night King attacked.

There you have it! Above are some entertainment moments that featured sad and unexpected deaths. Watching your favorite actor or actress die in a movie when you least expect it can be very heartbreaking.