8 of Christopher Plummer’s Most Noteworthy Roles

Christopher Plummer had an illustrious acting career. He was a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, being at the center of things for six solid decades. In his prime, he was a star of the stage, film, and television.

If you are a fan of this Hollywood legend, then you know a good number of wonderful roles he interpreted perfectly. Here are eight of his most noteworthy roles:

The Lark (1955)

In the earliest days, Christopher Plummer was mostly seen on the stage. He honed his skills doing this, and his performance in “The Lack” by Jean Anouilh on Broadway is considered legendary.

Up (2009)

Animated projects are more challenging than most people imagine, which is why we have to include one of Christopher’s contributions in this aspect of moviemaking. He voiced the villainous Charles Muntz in Up.

Wind Across The Everglades (1958)

This was his first time as a lead role in a film, and Plummer did not disappoint at all. He delivered an incredible performance opposite Chana Eden, even as a newcomer.

Remember (2015)

Christopher Plummer had a good number of roles that were tied to World War II. This is one of such projects. He played a Holocaust survivor with dementia, who still had the difficult task of killing a Nazi war criminal.

The Sound Of Music (1965)

This is arguably Plummer’s most famous role. He was the dashing (widowed) Captain Von Trapp who fall in love with the governess of his seven children. He was not so good with music, so Bill Lee provided his singing voice.

Triple Cross (1966)

In one of his earlier movies about World War II, Plummer played the role of safecracker/thief, Eddie Chapman.

National Treasure (2004)

National Treasure was an incredible film, and Christopher Plummer played his role here like a legend. When you have other Oscar winners on stage, you just have to give your best, and Plummer did that here. The film kicked off an interesting trilogy.

All the Money in the world (2017)

In his later years, Christopher Plummer took on very important roles, and this is definitely one of them. His performance here earned him his third Oscar nomination.

There you have it – some of Christopher Plummer’s most notable roles, in our opinion. If you are a fan of Hollywood legends, then you should consider seeing some of these interesting movies.