You Will Not Expect Each Sad Death in Movies We List Below

There are some great movies that many viewers did not expect to have tear-jerking moments. These sad deaths break your heart over and over again, and no matter how many times you rewind, you can’t stop them from happening, especially when it happens to your favorite character.

With this said, brace yourself as we walk down memory and talk about each sad death in movies that made up want to hit pause.

John Coffey is Executed

Do you remember the screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, with the late and phenomenal actor Michael Clark Duncan playing John Coffey? In the book and film, John Coffey has unexplained supernatural abilities and is wrongfully accused of the murder of two girls and placed on death row. Despite his honesty, compassion, empathy, and kindness, and the belief that he will be spared, he is ultimately electrocuted. This moment saw the onlookers break down in tears just as much as the audience did.

Peter Parker’s Uncle Biting the Dust

After Peter Parker’s uncle offers the advice that “with great power comes great responsibility,”  you think that this will be a turning point for Peter Parker and how he uses his superpowers. But, a few scenes later, Peter ignores his uncle’s words and fails to subdue a man who later that day will go on to shoot and kill Peter’s uncle.

Hold the Door

The death of the Game of Thrones characters does not come as a shock as the show is full of shocking character deaths. However, one of the character deaths came as quite a shock. Hodor, a strongman that helped Bran in his quest to find the Children of the Forest, passed away while holding the door for Bran to escape the forest after the Night King attacked.

There you have it! Above are some entertainment moments that featured sad and unexpected deaths. Watching your favorite actor or actress die in a movie when you least expect it can be very heartbreaking.