Wilford Brimley Best Roles

Wilford Brimley had a fulfilled Hollywood career. Born Anthony Wilford Brimley in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1934, Brimley dropped out of high school, joined the Marines, and served in the Aleutian Island for three decades. Before he began acting in the 1960s, he served as a bodyguard to billionaire businessman Howard Hughes.  

Wilford Brimley had no formal training as an actor. Considering his exploit in the later years of his life, we can only say that he was a natural. Without further ado, we will briefly discuss some of Wilford Brimley’s best roles. 

Assistance U.S. Attorney General, James A. Wells – Absence of Malice 

In Absence of Malice, Brimley worked his pants off opposite Paul Newman, as an assistant U.S. Attorney General. It was more of a cameo appearance but was praised by critics. The film was generally well-received. 

Harry – Tender Mercies 

Wilford Brimley played one of his standout roles in the academy award-winning Tender Mercies. While his outstanding performance will often be remembered, those who know about the making of the film will always reference his clashes with director Bruce Beresford. 

Pop Fisher – The Natural 

Pop Fisher, Brimley’s character in The Natural, was the coach most people will love to have. One of the best parts of the movie was when he gave Redford an at-bat, telling him to ‘knock the cover off the ball,’ which he literally did.

William Devasher – The Firm 

This is one of the films that convinced people that Wilford Brimley could take any role and play it to the bone. Taking a break from his “good guy characters,” the veteran played the role of the evil company lawyer. He did it so well that even young Tom Cruise got the message loud and clear. 

Blair – The Thing 

In John Carpenter’s wonderful remake 1982 remake of The Thing, Wilford Brimley played the role of Dr. Blair to perfection. While the film was not positively received when it was released, Brimley’s role was noteworthy.

Hawk Jones – Timber the Treasure Dog 

This 2016 movie is one of Wiford Brimley’s last performances. It is a gift to children, and we consider it one of his best last gifts to the world. 

There you have it! Above are some of Wilford Brimley’s best roles. Wilford Brimley acted in so many wonderful movies; we just believe these were his best roles based on performances and substance.