Will Prince Harry and Elaine Thompson Crush Meghan’s Heart?

Many years ago, there was a rumor about that swept across social media and tabloids that suggested that Prince Harry was dating the Jamaican sprinter, Elaine Thompson. This was considered a hoax and untrue instigated from unknown quarters as the pair were never seen together in public in a position that will lend credence to the purported relationship. 

Considering that the relationship was not confirmed by Prince Harry, any of the royal household, Elaine Thompson or even the news outlets, it is safe to say that they never dated. So perhaps we can leave the idea of Prince Harry and Elaine Thompson being together in the dust.

Why Prince Harry Still Loves Meghan Markle

Prince Harry met the actress Meghan Markle many years ago, which resulted in a nuptial knot tying last year. Since then, many reports had alleged that the pair’s relationship was losing the flair it was known for. 

Immediately after their marriage, the royal couple embarked on a tour of South Africa. During the tour, the body language of the Duke of Sussex was evaluated by body language experts who suggested that he is still very much in love with the Duchess. It was said they are in the honeymoon phase. 

There are many reasons why the Duke of Sussex’s love for the Duchess is still waxing lyrical, and it can be explained by the following:

  • She is the mother of his child. The couple welcomed their first child on May 19, 2019. After the birth of their child, the pair have been seen in public offering romantic gestures. It can only be suggested that their love is growing stronger than what many quarters of the public had expected. 
  • She is a subject of racial abuse. Before Prince Harry walked down the aisle with Meghan, he expressed his worry about his wife being at the receiving end of outright racial and sexist abuse. He wished he could protect her and loves her increasingly because of her stoicism
  • Share a similar philosophy. The royal pair has been magnanimous when it comes to charity donations. This has endeared them to the hearts of many. The fact that Meghan is always beside Harry’s side during such moments binds them together with the more love. 

True love actually exists. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a perfect example of true love. Prince Harry and Elaine Thompson is just a fantasy that is better left to fan fiction, rather than reality.