You Probably Don’t Know This about Kanye West: Interesting Facts

If there is one thing that we know about Kanye West, it is that he is an American rapper, fashion mogul, and the husband of Kim Kardashian. Despite what we know about the well-dressed and outspoken musical figure, there is still more to discover.

He has always been an eccentric figure. For this some people may even call him a rap genius. Even as a teenager in Chicago. His name means “the only one” in Swahili. Spend any amount of time reading or watching what Kanye does and you will agree that there is only one of him.

Kanye Was Born in Chicago

Kanye West is the prominent rapper that is associated with the city or Chicago. He was born and bred there. The city is featured in many of his songs. This highlights his deep affiliation with the Windy City.

He Lived in China

It will come as a surprise to many that Kanye once lived in China, but that was only for a year. His mother, Donda, landed a teaching position at Nanjing University. He went along through an exchange program. Kanye acknowledged that the city of Mandarin helped shape his formative years.

He Was an Awkward Teen

Who would ever guess that this stylish and outspoken rapper was once seen as awkward? He has a bright and infectious smile, but he once wore braces and his peers teased him for it.

He Went to Two Colleges

Kanye attended the American Art Academy before he transferred to Chicago State University.

He Once Dropped Out of School

Kanye once dropped out of school before he graduated to pursue a career in music.

Previous Engagement

West was once in love with designer Alexis Phifer. After proposing to her in 2006, they parted ways in 2008, a few months after his mother’s death.

Kanye Once Had a Near Death Experience

In 2002, on his way back from his studio, he was involved in a fatal auto crash that left him nearly dead. His jaw was smashed, requiring reconstructive surgery that saw a metal plate inserted into his chin. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting facts that you may not know this about Kanye West. If you are a huge fan of Kanye West, you will be really surprised at discovering these facts.